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Chastleton in the Washington Times - November 1st, 1919
Exploring the Chastleton Apartment Building in Washington, DC
Dive into the history of the Chastleton Apartment Building in Washington, DC, from its construction in 1919, to its features, financing, and today. Learn about the building's unique location and the demands for its apartments.
Gnawed Bones, a Wild Dog, and a Tragic Story from the Washington Post in 1941
1941 Washington Post Tale: Grim Discovery of Gnawed Bones & a Wild Dog in Kingman's Lake. Unravel the mystery of Omara Wilson's fate.
John Bruebaker's death certificate (Congressional Cemetery)
Georgetown Canal Boatmen Brawl; Brutal Fight Ends in Murder
I was poking around the archives of both The Washington Post and The Washington Times to come across a gem of a story to share and the one that caught my eye involved two Georgetown boatmen engaged in a brutal fight to the death. Reading through any article titled “Murder in Georgetown,” you’re primed for a taste of some horrid scandal or macabre titillation that a Ghosts of DC reader has come to expect. C&O Canal from Wisconsin Avenue Bridge, Georgetown circa 1920...
Remembering Robin Gibb: Bee Gees Legacy and 1979 Capital Centre Performance
Dive into the musical journey of the Bee Gees, focusing on Robin Gibb's contribution and their iconic 1979 performance at the Capital Centre. Explore the heights of their fame in the late 70s and reminisce about Robin Gibb's enduring legacy in the music world.
Brookland homes advertisement in the Washington Post - May 10th, 1925
A Look Back at Brookland Homes Advertised in the Washington Post in the Mid 1920s
Take a look back in time to the mid-1920s and see what Brookland homes were advertised in the Washington Post. Get a glimpse of the original ad and compare it to today's view of the sample homes!
Glover Park homes advertisement in Washington Post - October 14th, 1928
A Look Back at a Glover Park Home from the Late 1920s
Take a look back in time with this nostalgic advertisement for homes in Glover Park, Washington from the late 1920s. See the same home today on Google Street View.
Cathedral Highlands advertisement in the Washington Herald - June 23rd, 1907
The History of Cathedral Heights, From Wild Dogs to Real Estate Mogul William Matteson
Learn the unique history of Cathedral Heights, from its early days of wild dogs to real estate mogul William Matteson. Read an article from 1907 that announced the birth of Cathedral Highlands and the important role Matteson played in its development.
Pearl Harbor 1941
Reading the Washington Post Before Pearl Harbor: A Look at a Day Which Would Live in Infamy
In the hours before Pearl Harbor, Washington Post articles spoke of the failing negotiations between the U.S. and Japan. Read about the articles and President Roosevelt's dramatic move to prevent war. See his "Date Which Will Live in Infamy" speech and related articles.
Lusitania sinking off the coast of Ireland (Ken Marschall)
Discovering the Lusitania Advertisement in the Washington Post 97 Years Ago
97 years ago, an advertisement for the Lusitania appeared in the Washington Post for passage to Europe. This was the same ship that sunk with 1,198 souls 3 days after the ad ran. Learn the story behind the ad and its connection to the Titanic.
Lieutenant J. L. Sprinkle
A Wild Love Triangle: Officer Sprinkle Saves the Day
Officer Sprinkle is a DCPD badass. Read all about his daring rescue of a wild love triangle in the Washington Post on January 31st, 1892. Get a daily dose of DCPD badass Officer Sprinkle and his heroic deeds.

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