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From The Tombs to 'St. Elmo's Fire': The Legendary Georgetown Bar that Inspired a Brat Pack Classic
Ever wonder about the real-life inspiration behind the iconic bar in 'St. Elmo’s Fire'? Share your own memories from this Brat Pack inspiration.
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1930s Washington D.C. Apartment Listings: A Glimpse into Great Depression Living
Delve into 1930s Washington D.C. apartment listings and discover how the Great Depression and the presidential campaign influenced living conditions. Explore affordable rents, modern amenities, and the challenges faced by residents in this historic era.
The Last New Year's Eve Before Prohibition: December 31st, 1919
It's hard to believe that 2020 is nearly upon us, but it's also hard to imagine what it must have been like on December 31st, 1919 - the last New Year's Eve before Prohibition was enforced. Take a look at this mildly amusing cartoon from The Washington Times.
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Solving the Mystery: Where Was This 1947 Street Scene in Washington, DC?
We discovered a 1947 street scene in Washington, DC and set out to solve the mystery of where it was. We found the answer, and you can too by reading our blog post!
Uncovering a Historical Gem: the Willard Hotel around the Year 1904
Take a look at this amazing photo of the Willard Hotel from the year 1904. See what the building looked like in that era and click to learn more. Source: Library of Congress.
NSA headquarters in Ft. Meade
U.S. Intelligence Community Allowed Gay Employee to Keep Job and Security Clearance in 1980
In a landmark decision in 1980, the U.S. intelligence community allowed a middle-level employe at the National Security Agency to keep his job and security clearances despite being found to be a homosexual. Read on to learn more about this important decision.
Circa 1911, landmarks include, from left, Memorial Continental Hall (headquarters of the Daughters of the American Revolution); the Corcoran Gallery of Art; State, War and Navy Building; and White House West Wingtip. 8x10 inch glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company.
A Look Back at DC in 1911: An Amazing Photo and Detailed History
Take a look back at DC in 1911 with an amazing photo and detailed history. Click on it for a much larger, detailed version. Source: Shorpy
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Naked wild man
The Mysterious Wild Man of Tenleytown in 1894
Read about the mysterious wild man of Tenleytown in 1894. Descriptions of the individual were lacking, but sightings of a half-nude crazy man were happening across the area. Find out what happened when the wild man walked into the police station!
1835 map of Washington
Exploring Washington Before the Retrocession of the Western Portion to Virginia
A look at Washington before its retrocession of the western portion to Virginia. Includes a 1835 map of Washington, Georgetown, Alexandria, and two counties. Source: Library of Congress.
1909 map of Friendship Heights
Exploring Friendship Heights and Chevy Chase with a 1909 Map
Take a look at this cool old 1909 map of the area around Friendship Heights & Chevy Chase. Thanks to GoDCer Claire, we can now explore this part of DC with a vintage map. Enjoy!
1942. "Effect of gasoline shortage in Washington, D.C." Medium format nitrate negative by Albert Freeman for the Office of War Information.
A Look Back at Parking Fees in D.C. During World War II
Take a look back in time at parking fees in Washington D.C. during World War II. See the original photo from 1942 and find out just how much different it was back then.
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cuban war mission to the u.s. capt. tabio; lazama; carricarti; gen. marti; kear; wittermyer; vander gutch, naval attache at cuban legation; maj. e
Revisiting History: A Look at the Cuban War Mission to the United States in 1917
Take a look back in time to 1917 when the Cuban War Mission visited the United States. See photos and learn more about the mission with this historical revisit.
First Congregational Church in 1909
Uncovering the Past: A Look at the First Congregational Church in Washington DC in 1909
Explore the past with us as we take a look at the First Congregational Church in Washington DC in 1909. Uncover the history with this wonderful old photo found at Dig DC.
Map of Washington, D.C., and environs : with marginal numbers and measuring tape attachment for instantly locating points of interest within a radius of twenty miles from the Capitol /
Exploring Washington, DC in 1887: An Incredible Old Map
Check out this incredible old map of Washington, DC from 1887. See how the city and its environs looked over 130 years ago and explore the points of interest within a 20 mile radius of the Capitol.
Rhode Island Ave. 1904
Uncovering a Piece of History: Exploring Rhode Island Ave. in 1904
GoDCer Andy sent in a plethora of great material and one postcard in particular showed Rhode Island Ave in 1904. Uncover this piece of history and explore what Rhode Island Ave was like in 1904 with Ghosts of DC.

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