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A Fascinating Bird's-Eye View of Georgetown, D.C. in 1855
Look back in time to 1855 and get a fascinating bird's-eye view of Georgetown, D.C. in this beautiful painting. Source: Library of Congress.
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The Hot Summer of 1952: UFOs Spotted Over DC
In the hot summer of 1952, there were numerous sightings of up to seven lights floating around the night sky in DC, including over the Capitol Building. Radar operators saw strange blips on their screens, and flight attendants on planes approaching National Airport saw lights above their plane.
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An Unbelievable Photo from 1923: An Amphibian Aircraft on the Reflecting Pool in Front of the Lincoln Memorial
What an unbelievable photo from 1923! An amphibian aircraft sits on the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial. See the amazing image and find out more about this unique and fascinating moment in history.
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Dietz's German Beer Hall on 7th Street
Long gone are the days of the German beer hall in D.C., though some would argue that Brickskeller (ahem, Bier Baron) remains as one of the better ones. Well, it was great back in the day when there was little to no beer scene in the city a decade or two ago, but now, you’re almost always about 100 yards from a great beer joint. Before World War I, a very popular bar was Dietz’s Rathskeller...
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Why Is It Named Langley, VA?
Langley, VA is the headquarters for the CIA. What's the history behind the area's name?
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Smallpox Patient Roams the Streets of Georgetown and D.C. in 1881
Take a step back in time to 1881 Washington D.C. and Georgetown, where a smallpox patient was roaming the streets and spreading infection. Read the story of how it was dealt with in this article from The Washington Post.
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Proposed Three Sisters Bridge Across the Potomac
What happened to the Three Sisters Bridge in Washington, DC and why was it never built?
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Exploring a Fun Old Print from The Washington Times (June 18, 1912)
Take a trip back in time with this fun old print from The Washington Times printed on June 18th, 1912. Get a glimpse of Washington Nationals baseball from over a century ago.
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Exploring the Suffrage March Line from March 4th, 1913
Take a look back at a moment in history with this interesting drawing of the suffrage march line from March 4th, 1913. Source: Library of Congress.
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Take a Trip Back in Time: Exploring Rock Creek Park in 1890
Take a trip back in time with this amazing photo from 1890. It shows a group of people riding their horse and buggies through Rock Creek Park. See if you can recognize the area!
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Kenny Rogers Concert: The Day the Shah of Iran Fell
On February 11th, 1979, Kenny Rogers was performing a concert in Washington, DC while the Shah of Iran fell and Ayatollah Khomeini took power. Read the blog post to learn more about this day and watch a video from the History Channel’s documentary “Crisis in Iran” narrated by Mike Wallace.
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Recounting a College Prank that Nearly Went Wrong in Georgetown University in 1900
In 1900, a college prank in Georgetown University nearly went wrong. Students attempted to scare a stable attendant, but a horse was stolen and the police were called. Read more about this bizarre incident on Ghosts of DC.
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The Amazing 1915 Panorama of Washington, DC
Take a look at this amazing 1915 panorama of Washington, DC. Click on the image for a larger version. Source: Library of Congress.
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Explore the History of Georgia Avenue Through an 1870s Photograph
Take a step back in time and explore the history of Georgia Avenue. Check out this 1870s photograph and learn more about the area with a deeper dive into the history of the road. Source: Park View DC.
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Seedy 1970s Adult Entertainment Business
Washington was much seedier decades ago with all forms of adult entertainment available.
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Remembering President Kennedy and the National Symphony Orchestra Before the Kennedy Center Opening
The National Symphony Orchestra performed at D.A.R. Constitution Hall prior to the opening of the Kennedy Center. Read about President Kennedy's connection to the Orchestra and see an advertisement from The Washington Post, printed on November 22nd, 1963.
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