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1906 Map of All D.C. Boundary Stones
Video Visualizing Early Washington, D.C.
Lincoln Memorial Originally Built on Marsh Land
Remember Au Pied de Cochon?
Really Old Pre-Civil War Photo of Washington
1967 Map of Unbuilt D.C. Highways
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V Drive - April 1919

1919 Photo of Treasury Department

Thanks to GoDCer Jim for sending this in via Facebook. His cousin Catherine has it hanging on her wall, and it’s a photo of the opening of the V Drive at Treasury on April 21st, 1919.

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view of the Capitol at night in the snow (1907)

Capitol Building at Night in 1907

We posted a cool night photo of the Capitol from 1921. We found another great one, this time from 1907. This was taken by Ernest Crandall. They never get old do they? Source: Library of Congress

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RFK Stadium

Baseball is Back at RFK Stadium in 1987

Early GoDC reader and now occasional contributor, Jason, wrote a great post about the sad decline of the last local franchise to hold the Senators name. The city flirted with bringing a team back, including the Padres before the 1974...

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