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History of Washington's Suburbs
This is a great old map of the Washington area from 1961 showing all the real estate developments as featured by The Washington Post. We transcribed all 57 neighborhoods and their brief descriptions below. It’s quaint to read all the listings and the directions provided to get to the subdivisions. Remember reading directions or maps to get somewhere? Even printing Mapquest directions seems antiquated. Thanks to Google Maps and Waze, we’re never lost right? Or are we always lost with no...
1890s Map of Diarrhea Deaths in Washington
An 1890s map of Washington, DC and deaths related to diarrhea, heavily concentrated in Swampoodle and Murder Bay.
600 block of Independence Ave. SW in 1941
A Look at the Changing Landscape of Independence Ave. SW in DC
Take a look at the Federal Aviation Administration's headquarters on DC's Independence Ave. SW and compare it to what the block looked like in 1941 on the eve of World War II. See how the landscape has changed in this comparison.
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Washington Monument in 1928
A Journey Through Time: An Iconic 1928 Photograph of the Washington Monument
Take a journey back in time to 1928 and view an iconic photograph of the Washington Monument. This remarkable image captures the timeless appeal of the monument and serves as a reminder of America's rich history.
Capito Dome under construction in 1860s
A Rare Look at the Capitol Dome Under Construction During the Civil War
Take a look at this rare photo of the Capitol Dome under construction during the early days of the Civil War. View this amazing piece of American history captured in time.
Dulles Airport tower being built
Old Photos of Dulles Airport Under Construction
This series of great images shows Washington's Dulles International Airport while it was being constructed.
Naked wild man
The Mysterious Wild Man of Tenleytown in 1894
Read about the mysterious wild man of Tenleytown in 1894. Descriptions of the individual were lacking, but sightings of a half-nude crazy man were happening across the area. Find out what happened when the wild man walked into the police station!
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The 1927 Tornado that Devastated D.C. and Alexandria
On November 17th, 1927 a large tornado ripped through the area, destroying over 200 homes in D.C. and 300 structures in Alexandria. Read about the damages and see the photos from library of Congress on Ghosts of DC.
Washington, D.C. Scott Circle
A Look Back in Time: A Night View of Scott Circle in April 1943
Take a look back in time and explore Scott Circle in Washington, D.C. in April 1943. Check out this great post and aerial view of the circle, as well as a hand-drawn map by Alexander Graham Bell.
Embassy of Cuba in 1937
Take a Trip Back in Time: An Incredible Photo of the Cuban Embassy at 2630 16th St. NW in 1937
Take a trip back in time with this incredible photo of the Cuban Embassy at 2630 16th St. NW in Washington, DC in 1937. Source: Library of Congress.
View looking from the northwest corner of Cedar and 4th Street NW east down Cedar Street toward the railroad underpass. Image includes a partial view of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad station on the right with a blurred locomotive crossing the underpass and going into the station. The train is headed toward Washington, D.C.
Identifying the Time Period of this Cedar St. Intersection with 4th St. in Takoma Park, DC
Can someone identify the time period for this intersection of Cedar and 4th Street in Takoma Park, DC? Check out the almost identical view today on Google Street View and see if you can tell!
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600 block of G Street NW
Exploring the 600 Block of G Street in Washington, DC Through Photos
This is a cool old photo from the 1940s showing the 600 block of G St in Washington, DC, which has been torn down. See more photos from the area and learn about the DC Public Library's Dig DC project.
Three men with bicycles on bridge near Pierce Mill, Washington, D.C.
Exploring the Past: A Look at a Photo from the 1880s-1910s
Take a look back in time with this amazing photo from the 1880s-1910s. We can't quite tell the direction of this shot, but we think it's looking east toward Mt. Pleasant. Source: Library of Congress.
Circa 1932. "United Food Stores." Whitman's Market at A and Sixth streets S.E. in Washington. National Photo Company safety film negative.
A Blast From The Past: The United Food Stores Market in 1932 Compared to Today
Take a look at the incredible transformation of the United Food Stores Market in Washington, DC from 1932 to now! Compare the vintage photo to Google Street View and marvel at how far we've come!
Rhode Island Ave. 1904
Uncovering a Piece of History: Exploring Rhode Island Ave. in 1904
GoDCer Andy sent in a plethora of great material and one postcard in particular showed Rhode Island Ave in 1904. Uncover this piece of history and explore what Rhode Island Ave was like in 1904 with Ghosts of DC.

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