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Exploring the Frozen Past: Walking on the Tidal Basin in the Early 1900s
Discover the frozen Tidal Basin of the past with this fascinating historical photo. See the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in the distance, and learn about the history of ice skating and walking on the Tidal Basin. Read on to learn more.
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Hamilton "Ghost" Circle and Fairview Heights Near the Cathedral
The neighborhood surrounding the circle was once dubbed Fairview Heights, which no longer seems to appear on any contemporary maps.
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Man Crashes Truck Through White House Gate
Doyle Allen Hicks wanted to warn President Kennedy of the coming communist takeover of the country. Find out what happened after he drove his truck through the White House gates.
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Can You Help Us Identify Where President Wilson’s 1919 Pierce Arrow Is Parked?
Can you help us in our investigation to identify where President Wilson's 1919 Pierce Arrow is parked? Take a look at the photo we've shared and see if you can figure it out. Happy sleuthing!
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A Look at the Changing Landscape of Independence Ave. SW in DC
Take a look at the Federal Aviation Administration's headquarters on DC's Independence Ave. SW and compare it to what the block looked like in 1941 on the eve of World War II. See how the landscape has changed in this comparison.
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Uncovering the Opium Den Scene in Washington DC in 1894
Discover the shocking reality of opium dens in Washington DC in 1894, as uncovered by The Washington Post. Learn more about the notorious 'Gypsy Joe' and 'Matinee Charley' who frequented the dens.
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Proposed Three Sisters Bridge Across the Potomac
What happened to the Three Sisters Bridge in Washington, DC and why was it never built?
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Why Is It Named LeDroit Park?
LeDroit Park was established as one of the first suburbs of Washington, D.C. It was named for a family member of the founders Amzi Barber.
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The Little Green House on K Street
At 16th and K St. NW, there once sat a three story Victorian town home, the site of corrupt political dealings within the Harding administration, This is its story.
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Aerial View of East Potomac Park and Hains Point - Do You Know Why It's Called Hains Point?
Take a look at this aerial view of East Potomac Park and Hains Point. Do you know why it's called Hains Point? Find out more here!
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This is What the Metro Center Area Looked Like in 1930 - A Photo and a Robert DeNiro Doppelganger
Take a look back in time at this photo of the Metro Center area in Washington, D.C. in 1930. Don't miss the Wilkins Coffee sign and a photo of Robert DeNiro's doppelganger from the same era.
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Why Is Constitution Avenue Called What It Is Today?
Back in 1931, Constitution Avenue was called B Street. Read this blog post to find out why it was renamed Constitution Avenue and when it happened. View the vintage images to get a feel of what it was like back then!
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Exploring the National Zoo's Historical Entrance at Rock Creek Park
Take a journey through history with us and explore the historical entrance to the National Zoo in Rock Creek Park. Learn more about the area and its past with us today.
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From the Baltimore Sun to the U.S. Census: Uncovering the Tragic Tale of Rudolph and Mary Scheitlin
Digging through old newspaper archives and the U.S. Census, uncover the tragic tale of Rudolph and Mary Scheitlin that was printed in The Baltimore Sun in 1905. Learn the story of their rocky marriage, her dalliances and the fateful night that ended in murder.
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Exploring the Evolution of 3rd Street in Washington D.C.
Explore the history of 3rd Street in Washington D.C. with this fascinating look at the evolution of the area from 1923 to today. See the Sherman house in the 300 block Third Street N.W. in a National Photo Company Collection glass negative.
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Exploring a Photo of DC's 1300 Block of E Street NW in 1917

Explore a 1917 photo of the 1300 block of E Street NW in Washington, DC. Learn about the stores, people, and signs in the photo and hear a recording of Claudia Muzio.
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