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Bartholdi Fountain Almost Moved to Dupont Circle in 1881
The Bartholdi Fountain on Capitol Hill was almost moved to Dupont Circle at the request of James Blaine. Until history intervened.
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A Brief History of Brunch in D.C.
What is the history of brunch in Washington? The word dates back to 1895 and started appearing the the local papers in the early 20th century. Are you hungry?
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Amazing 1870s Railroad Photos of Washington
These 1870s photos are incredible, showing the District just following the Civil War. Click on them for more details.
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1892 Map of Smallpox, Cholera, and Measles Deaths
What is a zymotic disease? This is a map of deaths due to this disease in 1892. Find out what that means.
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Reliving the Fourth of July in Washington, DC - 1919
Relive the Fourth of July in Washington, DC, way back in 1919 with these amazing photos from the Library of Congress. Take a step back in time!
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Great 1922 Aerial Mosaic of Washington, D.C.
This great photo of Washington was taken from the air in 1922. Click on it for a larger version. Aerial photographic mosaic map of Washington, D.C. (1922) Source: Library of Congress
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1939 Tourist Footage of Washington
Check out this great film footage of Washington, D.C. from back in 1939.
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Stunning 1910s Capitol Dome at Night
How beautiful is this image of the Capitol Building? It was taken between 1918 and 1920. Capitol at night Source: Library of Congress
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Streetcars in Front of Union Station
This is an old photo of Union Station around 1920, with two streetcars sitting in front. streetcars in front of Union Station Source: Library of Congress
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What Is the History of CIA's Langley Headquarters?
CIA headquarters are in Langley, Virginia and have been since 1961 when President Kennedy dedicated the new building.
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Who Was Rayful Edmond?
Rayful Edmond III is an American former drug lord in Washington, D.C. in the 1980s. Edmond is largely credited with introducing crack cocaine into the Washington, D.C.
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Detailed 1861 Map of Prince George's County
Detailed 1861 map of Prince George's County, Maryland.
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Unbelievable: Incredible Image of Department of Commerce Under Construction from Shorpy
Unbelievable! Check out this incredible image of the Department of Commerce under construction from the top of the National Press Building looking down 14th Street. Willard Hotel at right. From Shorpy.com.
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Exploring the 1795 Plan of the City of Washington
Explore the first official plan of Washington D.C., published by Andrew Ellicott in 1792. Courtesy of the David Rumsey map collection.
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View of Dupont Circle from Blaine Mansion
This photograph appears to be taken from Blaine Mansion sometime during the 1920s, looking east over Dupont Circle. You can see the Cairo Building in the background. Dupont Circle looking east
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The Haunted White House: Ghosts, Superstition and the Executive Mansion
Explore the allegedly haunted White House in this blog post. Read about the superstitions and ghostly tales that have been linked to the White House over the years, including stories of John Quincy Adams, "Black Jack" Logan, and more.
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