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Lost By The President, All-Gold Ring in Rock Creek
Teddy Roosevelt went for a pleasant walk in Rock Creek and unfortunately lost his wedding ring in the process. This is a great ad in the newspaper asking for its return.
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Geronimo and Five Other Indian Chiefs in Teddy Roosevelt's Inaugural Parade in 1905
Discover the amazing story of how Geronimo and five other Western Indian chiefs attended and celebrated Teddy Roosevelt's inaugural parade in Washington, DC in 1905. Click the image for a larger version.
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Young, Mischievous Quentin Roosevelt: A Roaming Son of Teddy Roosevelt
Get a glimpse of young Quentin Roosevelt, the son of Teddy Roosevelt, as he mischievously roamed the White House grounds and Washington, DC in 1907. Read a report from The Baltimore Sun about the young troublemaker.
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Teddy Roosevelt Was Always Packin' Heat
The Rough Rider president, Teddy Roosevelt, was a total badass, the likes of which we won’t ever see again in the White House. Below is an article to prove my point. Rough Riders’ pistol (Collectors Quest) This is a piece printed in The New York Times, from October 15th, 1912. WASHINGTON, Oct. 14.–Col. Roosevelt, while he was President, was always on the alert for any...
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A Closer Look at Teddy Roosevelt's Inauguration in 1905
Take a closer look at Teddy Roosevelt's 1905 inauguration with Chief Justice Melville Fuller. Click on the photo to see some amazing details. It's pretty cool.
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Teddy Roosevelt Berates a Child for Taking His Picture After Church
Read about how President Teddy Roosevelt was attending a service at his home church on 15th and O St. and then verbally berated a young boy for trying to take his photograph. This article was published in the Washington Post on September 23rd, 1901, just nine days after President McKinley's death.
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The Unbuilt Teddy Roosevelt Memorial
Many of you probably don't know this, but there easily could have been another monument to a president in Washington, D.C. Teddy Roosevelt was lionized and revered as a heroic president and in the 1920s, shortly after his death, there was much discussion about building a large monument to honor him in perpetuity.
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A Look Back at William Howard Taft's Snowy Presidential Inauguration
Take a look back at the snow-filled day when William Howard Taft was sworn in as President of the United States. Photos included! Learn more about the wintery inauguration and racing President Taft.
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Teddy Roosevelt's Inauguration in 1905: Amazing Photographs from the Library of Congress
Check out these amazing photographs from Teddy Roosevelt's Inauguration in 1905, thanks to the Library of Congress. Take a look at these beautiful images of the President on his way to the Capitol.
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Teddy Roosevelt "Frightened" By Drunk Man on Massachusetts Avenue? Not a Chance!
Teddy Roosevelt lived a life of daring and bravery. Even when faced with a drunken man on Massachusetts Avenue, he remained unfazed. You won't believe what he did after being shot in the chest! Read on to find out more about Teddy Roosevelt's incredible story.
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Reading the Sunday Morning Globe from September 22nd, 1901 – President McKinley Assassinated 8 Days Prior
Take a journey back in time and read the Sunday Morning Globe from September 22nd, 1901. Just eight days earlier, President William McKinley had been assassinated and his Vice President, Teddy Roosevelt, was inaugurated as the youngest President.
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The Roosevelt Dog Who Escaped the White House Grounds in 1909
Read about Ace, the Roosevelt bull pup who escaped the White House grounds in 1909. This article from February 6th of that year tells the story, plus find out what happened to LBJ's dog in the White House driveway.
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Three Things About Deanwood
Last week, we did a quick post on Fort Lincoln Heights. Now, I’d like to focus a little more on Deanwood, the former neighborhood of both Nannie Helen Burroughs and Marvin Gaye. 1. Before the Deanwood metro … way before Deanwood’s metro stop recently had a dubious label attached to it. You’ll read later in this post that a different kind of danger was present in Deanwood...
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White House Renovation Is Not Pleasing; Historic Lines Lost, Texas Steers' Heads for Decorations
Teddy Roosevelt moved into the White House and made some changes that rocked the boat. The Executive Mansion was getting pretty cramped with the expanding needs of the president’s staff. White House north view – 1901 (Library of Congress) Below is an article from the Washington Times on November 20th, 1902 detailing the renovations being done at the time. The “new”...
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Unconfirmed Story of Teddy Roosevelt Striking a Girl with His Riding Whip
140 characters: Unconfirmed reports from the Baltimore Sun stated that Teddy Roosevelt struck a young woman with his riding whip during a ride in Rock Creek Park. Read on to learn the full story.
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A Rare Sight - Teddy Roosevelt Walking Out of the White House Grounds Alone
Mark it down as something you'll never see today: the 26th President of the United States walking out of the White House grounds alone. See photos and a video of Teddy Roosevelt in this blog post!
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Teddy Roosevelt's 1905 Inauguration in Washington, D.C.
Revisit the 1905 inauguration of Teddy Roosevelt in Washington, D.C.! Watch the original footage from the Library of Congress and learn about the Rough Riders, Secret Service, and more.
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