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Geronimo Participates in Roosevelt’s Inaugural Parade

Here's a great old photo. I was unaware that Geronimo came to Washington in 1905 and participated in Teddy Roosevelt's inaugural parade (see some...

President Roosevelt’s Son, Quentin Goes Missing

This is clearly a headline that we wouldn't see today. Sasha and Malia wouldn't wander off the White House grounds the way young Quentin...
Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt Was Always Packin’ Heat

The Rough Rider president, Teddy Roosevelt, was a total badass, the likes of which we won't ever see again in the White House. Below...
Teddy Roosvelt and the oath of office in 1905

Photo of Teddy Roosevelt’s Oath of Office

Here's a cool photo from Teddy Roosevelt's inauguration on March 4th, 1905. Chief Justice Melville Fuller is administering the oath of office to Teddy...
Grace Reformed Church circa 1905

Teddy Roosevelt Berates Child for Taking His Photo

Here is an interesting article about President Teddy Roosevelt attending church, and then verbally berating a child for trying to take his photograph. Roosevelt...
proposed Roosevelt memorial

The Unbuilt Teddy Roosevelt Memorial

Many of you probably don't know this, but there easily could have been another monument to a president in Washington, D.C. Teddy Roosevelt was lionized and revered as a heroic president and in the 1920s, shortly after his death, there was much discussion about building a large monument to honor him in perpetuity.
Taft & Roosevelt driving to Capitol, Mar. 4, 1909.

President Taft’s Snowy Inauguration in 1909

Complaining about our bizarre weather? Try having your Presidential Inauguration in crappy, snowy weather. That's what happened to our most rotund president (and latest...
President Roosevelt in carriage en route to Capitol

Amazing Photographs of Teddy Roosevelt’s Inauguration in 1905

Here are two amazing photographs from Teddy Roosevelt's Inauguration in 1905. Thanks again to the Library of Congress.
Teddy Roosevelt in 1902 (Library of Congress)

Lost Ring, If Found, Return to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

On Friday, July 3rd, 1902, Teddy Roosevelt went for a hike in Rock Creek Park with General Leonard Wood and his entourage. The President's love...
Teddy Roosevelt laughing

Helpless Drunk Slips and Falls in Front of President

Another delightfully bizarre post for you from the early 20th century. Leave it to Teddy Roosevelt to be in the middle of another good...
Teddy Roosevelt - Sunday Morning Globe (September 22nd, 1901)

September 22nd, 1901: The Youngest President

Here is the front page of the Sunday Morning Globe on September 22nd, 1901. President McKinley had been assassinated eight days earlier in Buffalo...
Ethel Roosevelt in 1908 (Library of Congress)

Ethel Roosevelt’s Dog Goes Missing From The White House

This article that we came across in the Washington Post is probably something we would never see today. I'm pretty sure Bo Obama is...
Deanwood in the 1907 Baist Real Estate Atlas (Library of Congress)

Three Things About Deanwood

Last week, we did a quick post on Fort Lincoln Heights. Now, I'd like to focus a little more on Deanwood, the former neighborhood...
White House north view - 1901 (Library of Congress)

White House Renovation Is Not Pleasing; Historic Lines Lost, Texas Steers’ Heads for Decorations

Teddy Roosevelt moved into the White House and made some changes that rocked the boat. The Executive Mansion was getting pretty cramped with the...

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