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Was Pat Garrett an Outlaw or a Lawman?
Explore whether Pat Garrett was an outlaw or a lawman. Discover his ties with Teddy Roosevelt and how it affected his legacy.
Lost By The President, All-Gold Ring in Rock Creek
Teddy Roosevelt went for a pleasant walk in Rock Creek and unfortunately lost his wedding ring in the process. This is a great ad in the newspaper asking for its return.
Geronimo and Five Other Indian Chiefs in Teddy Roosevelt's Inaugural Parade in 1905
Discover the amazing story of how Geronimo and five other Western Indian chiefs attended and celebrated Teddy Roosevelt's inaugural parade in Washington, DC in 1905. Click the image for a larger version.
The Mischievous Adventures of Young Quentin Roosevelt
This blog post tells the story of young Quentin Roosevelt, the precocious son of Teddy Roosevelt. Read about his mischievous adventures, from scaring the Secret Service to building a fire in the White House grounds. Sadly, Quentin wouldn't live to see his 21st birthday.
Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt: The Badass President Who Carried a Revolver Everywhere
Teddy Roosevelt was a total badass, the likes of which we won't ever see again in the White House. He carried a revolver everywhere he went and was not afraid to whip a lady who passed him on horseback. Read this article to find out even more!
Teddy Roosvelt and the oath of office in 1905
A Closer Look at Teddy Roosevelt's Inauguration in 1905
Take a closer look at Teddy Roosevelt's 1905 inauguration with Chief Justice Melville Fuller. Click on the photo to see some amazing details. It's pretty cool.
Grace Reformed Church circa 1905
Teddy Roosevelt Berates a Child for Taking His Picture After Church
Read about how President Teddy Roosevelt was attending a service at his home church on 15th and O St. and then verbally berated a young boy for trying to take his photograph. This article was published in the Washington Post on September 23rd, 1901, just nine days after President McKinley's death.
proposed Roosevelt memorial
The Proposed Monument to Teddy Roosevelt That Never Was
Learn about the proposed monument to Teddy Roosevelt that never was in Washington, D.C. We explore the design, the cost, and the reasons why it never came to fruition. See photos of the proposed monument and learn more about the island named in his honor.
Taft & Roosevelt driving to Capitol, Mar. 4, 1909.
A Look Back at William Howard Taft's Snowy Presidential Inauguration
Take a look back at the snow-filled day when William Howard Taft was sworn in as President of the United States. Photos included! Learn more about the wintery inauguration and racing President Taft.
President Roosevelt in carriage en route to Capitol
Teddy Roosevelt's 1905 Inauguration: Unity, Responsibility and Pioneer Spirit
A look at Theodore Roosevelt's diverse and triumphant second inauguration in 1905, his call for American responsibility and virtue, and his aim to inspire national confidence and pioneer spirit.

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