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Why Is It Named Mt. Pleasant?

Samuel Brown sold all the surrounding land of Pleasant Plains estate and named the remainder Mt. Pleasant because it invited the highest part of the original estate.

The Real Estate Directory of the City of Washington, D.C., Suburbs of Washington City, Serial Number 50 is a series of maps of recorded subdivisions beyond the city limits published by Faehtz & Pratt in 1874. Maps show streets, lot numbers and dimensions, property lines, and some building footprints. Landowners and estate names are included for large parcels. Outside of Georgetown, subdivision maps showing only property lines indicate that they were undeveloped at that time.

1874 Map of Suburban Mt. Pleasant

This is a great old map, about a decade earlier than this one of Columbia Heights and Mt. Pleasant. Click on it for a larger version to see more details. In this, Howard is Newton St. and Sheridan is Monroe, before the streets were renamed in the early 20th century. Source: Dig DC

Awesome 1887 Map of Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights

This is an incredible old map from 1887 showing today’s Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights. You have to click on this for greater details. You’ll be a little confused by the old street names, so check out this old post about Columbia Heights street names before they were changed. For some reference, Whitney Ave. is […]

Map of a Rural Columbia Heights

What a cool map. We posted one last week showing the area around Tenleytown as it looked on an 1892 map. The area covered in the map includes today’s Columbia Heights, Park View, and a little Mt. Pleasant. Source: Library of Congress Also, check out this cool 1904 book entitled A statement of some of […]

Mt. Pleasant advertisement in 1915

Mt. Pleasant, a City In Itself

Check out this cool series of advertisements for Mt. Pleasant, printed in The Washington Times on October 17th, 1915.

1907 map of Mount Pleasant

1907 Map of Mount Pleasant

What a fascinating map of a rather undeveloped Mount Pleasant in 1907. You can also see across 16th St. into what is now better known as Columbia Heights.

homes between 1222 & 1232 Irving St. NW (Washington Times)

Different Styles of Architecture Favored by Washington Builders

There was a real estate and building boom in Washington early in the 1900s. And when money flows into the market like that from countless speculators, they try to stand out from the rest by providing the most stylish and differentiated home. This led to the wide variations in architectural style throughout the District, with […]

Walter and Hazel Johnson with Walter's mother (Library of Congress)

Hazel Lee Roberts Married Walter Johnson in Columbia Heights

Here’s one of the best story tips we’ve received thus far. Thanks to GoDCer Jack in Poolesville who tipped us off to the Big Train’s nuptials being held in a regular apartment at 1498 Monroe St. NW, right on the border of Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights. The Big Train is probably my second favorite […]

The Kenesaw a view from the northeast (Flickr user: parkview dc)

The Kenesaw: Fine New Structure Goes Up in Mt. Pleasant

It’s still amusing to me when the papers refer to anything north of Boundary St. (i.e., Florida Avenue) as the suburbs. I came across an article in the Washington Times from 1906, highlighting some new construction in Mt. Pleasant. The building of apartment houses goes on apace, and while the timid observer continues to deplore […]

Mt. Pleasant homes advertisement in the Washington Times - April 19th, 1913

Mt. Pleasant: Where Realty Values Are Rapidly Advancing

Going to open houses today? Check this out. Here’s a great old advertisement from 1913. These are homes for sale in Mt. Pleasant, near the street car line. I’m not sure that these are still around because there doesn’t appear to be a home at that address any more. Related articles The New Gonzaga College […]

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