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Check Out This 1907 Advertisement for Homes in Adams Morgan and Mt. Pleasant
Take a step back in time and check out this advertisement for homes in Adams Morgan and Mt. Pleasant from December 7th, 1907. Printed in The Evening Star, this is so cool!
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The History of Mt. Pleasant: From Pleasant Plains to The Raven
Have you ever wondered why Mt. Pleasant is called Mt. Pleasant? Learn the story of how James Holmead's land grant in 1727 became the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood of today. Plus, see an old land survey from 1804!
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Exploring an 1874 Map of Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights Before the Streets Were Renamed
Take a look at a map of Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights from 1874, before the streets were renamed in the early 20th century. See the lot numbers, building footprints, and more. Source: Dig DC.
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Exploring 1887 Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights on an Incredible Old Map
Explore an incredible old map from 1887 of Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights. See old street names and the Columbia College Subdivision. Click through to see greater details.
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Exploring the Past: An 1892 Map of the Rural Area Around Tenley and a 1904 Book About Columbia Heights
Take a journey back in time with us as we explore the past with an 1892 map of the rural area around Tenley and a 1904 book about Columbia Heights. Learn more about the history of the area!
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A Look Back in Time: Check Out These Cool Advertisements for Mt. Pleasant from 1915
Take a look back in time and check out these cool advertisements for Mt. Pleasant, printed in The Washington Times on October 17th, 1915. See the amazing images and learn more about this historic moment!
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A Look Back at a 1922 Real Estate Advertisement for Klingle and Park Roads Homes
Take a look back at a 1922 real estate advertisement for Klingle and Park Roads homes, printed in the Washington Times on April 15th. Source: Library of Congress.
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Exploring the Undeveloped Mount Pleasant of 1907 Through a Fascinating Map
Take a journey back in time to explore the undeveloped Mount Pleasant of 1907 through a fascinating map. You can also see across 16th St. into what is now better known as Columbia Heights.
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The Height of Originality: Exploring Different Styles of Architecture Favored by Washington Builders in the Early 1900s
Explore the unique architectural styles favored by Washington builders in the early 1900s, from the block of six or a dozen to the large front porches, and how they added character to the city.
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The Big Train's Nuptials: The Low-Key Wedding of Walter Johnson in Columbia Heights
Take a look back at Walter Johnson's low-key wedding in Columbia Heights in 1914, one of the best story tips we've received thus far. Learn more about the wedding, read the original newspaper article, and see the historical Baist maps of the area.
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The Kenesaw Building: The Suburbs of 1906 Washington, D.C.
Take a journey back in time to the suburbs of 1906 Washington, D.C. and explore the Kenesaw Building in Mt. Pleasant. Learn about its history, famous resident, and the opposition it faced in construction.
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Take a Trip Back in Time: A Look at Mt. Pleasant Homes from 1913
Take a trip back in time with this look at Mt. Pleasant homes from 1913. See this old advertisement and learn more about the history of the area. Check it out now!
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