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1906 Bloomingdale advertisement

Bloomingdale Home for $300 Cash and $20 Monthly

Here’s an advertisement for Bloomingdale homes from April 15th, 1906. This was printed in The Washington Times. Here are those Bloomingdale homes today. [googlemaps,-77.012944&cbp=13,15.04,,0,0.25&cbll=38.920231,-77.012932&q=123+adams+street+nw+dc&hq=&hnear=123+Adams+St+NW,+Washington,+District+of+Columbia+20001&ll=38.920517,-77.012944&spn=0.006052,0.011362&t=m&z=14&iwloc=A&panoid=-agMVXFgyVlk0e38ZPU11g&source=embed&output=svembed]
Bloomingdale row houses (source:

Why Is It Named Bloomingdale?

It has been a really long time since we did a “Why is it Named…?” post, and since at least a quarter of GoDCers live in Bloomingdale (I totally made that number up), we are...
1907 Baist real estate atlas for Ledroit Park and Bloomingdale

1907 Map of LeDroit Park and Bloomingdale

We now know that GoDCers love maps. They seriously love maps, because our most popular post ever was the 1851 map of Washington. So, let’s satisfy that hunger for more maps with this one...
Bloomingdale real estate advertisement - August 19th, 1911 (Washington Times)

Best Buy in Bloomingdale (1911)

Here’s a cool advertisement I came across in the Washington Times. This is from Augusts 19th, 1911. Check this out below. Here is the Google Street View of the same set of houses (with...
Abraham Lincoln colorized (1865)

Our Five Most Popular Posts … and Five Duds

This blog is 150 posts deep now and I’d like to go back and revisit some of the more popular posts. Out of the top 20 posts, 11 were If Walls Could Talk entries...
150 Rhode Island Ave. NW

If Walls Could Talk: The Seaton at 150 Rhode Island Ave. NW

I received an email from a reader saying she learned of Ghosts of DC through this post on Big Bear Cafe. She kindly asked if I would look into the history of her Bloomingdale...
Big Bear Cafe

If Walls Could Talk: Big Bear Cafe

Big Bear Cafe is a lovely coffee shop which has warmed up Bloomingdale residents since 2007. It’s a favorite of many in the neighborhood and, for better or worse, people in other neighborhoods (this...