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Early photo of Dulles Airport's main terminal in black and white
When Was Dulles Airport Built? The History Behind the Gateway
When was Dulles Airport built? Unveiled in 1962, discover its visionary design and transformative influence on Washington D.C.'s landscape.
Awesome Old Pan Am Advertisements
Remember when flying was glamorous and an event to really look forward to? Pan Am was an incredible experience and here are some ads for what they offered back then.
Arthur G. Barkley's Desperate Attempt at Ransom: The Story of the 1970 TWA Hijacking
The story of the 1970 TWA hijacking by unemployed bread truck driver Arthur G. Barkley who, distraught from losing his job, attempted to ransom the plane for $100 million. Learn about the hijacking and heroic actions of the plane's captain!
Dulles Airport tower being built
Old Photos of Dulles Airport Under Construction
This series of great images shows Washington's Dulles International Airport while it was being constructed.
"Dulles International Airport, Chantilly, Virginia, 1958-63. Eero Saarinen, architect. Mobile lounge, control tower and terminal." All we need now is an airplane. Medium format negative by Balthazar Korab.
Exploring the Elegant Dulles Airport of the 1960s
Take a trip back in time to the elegant and romantic Dulles Airport of the 1960s. Explore the mobile lounges and control tower in photos taken by Balthazar Korab.
Dulles Airport tower being built
Dulles Airport Opening Dedication Footage From 1962
The airport was dedicated by President Kennedy and former President Eisenhower, a $110 million federal project, largely driven during the latter's administration.
"Dulles International Airport, Chantilly, Va., 1958-63. Eero Saarinen, architect. Mobile lounges." A sort of giant rolling jetway (mostly out of frame at left) that carried passengers at Dulles from terminal to plane. The stair truck supported the gangway. 120mm color transparency by Balthazar Korab.
Boarding a Flight at Dulles in the 1960s
Did you know that Dulles Airport was the first airport in the world build for jet aircraft? This photo shows passengers boarding an Eastern Airlines' Douglas DC-8
Dulles Airport at night
Three Things You Didn't Know About Dulles Airport
Know the history of Dulles Airport outside Washington? It was born in the 1960s as the first airport specifically built for jet aircraft.
Dulles Airport
A Look Back at Dulles Airport When it Opened in 1962
Take a trip back in time to 1962 when Dulles International Airport opened. Learn about the architecture and design of the airport, and watch archival footage of the opening day. See how much the airport has changed since then!
Concorde departure
First Commercial Concorde Flight Lands at Dulles
The first transatlantic Concorde flight arrived at Dulles Airport in 1976 to much fanfare. Read the story and see the photos.

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