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Exploring the Changing Washington Navy Yard Through Aerial Photos: Pre- and Post- JFK Assassination
Explore the changing Washington Navy Yard through aerial photos taken before and after President Kennedy's assassination. See the history of the Navy Yard over time and discover what makes this place so special.
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The Robbery of Frederick Douglass' Former Home at Cedar Hill in 1905
Read about the robbery of Frederick Douglass' former home at Cedar Hill in Anacostia, Washington D.C. in 1905. Learn more about this historic event from The Washington Post and other sources.
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Exploring Anacostia in 1892: A Look at a Historic Map from the Library of Congress
Take a look back in time to 1892 Anacostia with this historic map from the Library of Congress. Learn more about this fascinating piece of history today!
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What Good Hope Hill in Anacostia was Like in 1857: Earn $200 Per Year as a Sober Gardener!
Learn what Good Hope Hill in Anacostia was like in 1857 - and how a sober gardener could earn $200 per year! Later, it was the location of the German Orphan Home.
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Uncovering the Lost History of Butler Heights, Washington DC
Discover the forgotten history of Butler Heights, Washington DC with this vintage advertisement from 1916. Learn more about the tiny Butler St. SE, close to Frederick Douglass' old home.
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The Anacostia Bank in 1918
The old Anacostia Bank in Washington, DC from 1918.
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A Brief Look Back at Anacostia's Uniontown Bar & Grill
Take a look back at Anacostia's iconic Uniontown Bar & Grill, a building that could soon have new life breathed into it. Learn about the history of the building and the recent bad decisions that led to its closure.
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A Look Back in Time: Capturing Washington in the 1960s from the East
Take a look back in time with this series of photos capturing Washington in the 1960s as viewed from the east. Explore the scenery and architecture of the city in this special collection of images.
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A Look Back in Time: How Good Hope Road in Anacostia Looked in 1916
Take a look back in time and explore how Good Hope Road in Anacostia looked in 1916. See the amazing photos and learn more about the history of this area.
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Exploring Anacostia History with a 1907 Baist Real Estate Atlas
Take a look at this 1907 Baist real estate atlas to explore the history of Anacostia in Washington D.C. See how the area has changed over the years!
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Then and Now: Anacostia Home Construction Circa 1919 and Today
See the transformation of a home being constructed in Anacostia circa 1919 compared to today. This makes for a great Then and Now shot. Check out the Google Street View below.
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Lost in 19th Century Anacostia: The President's Cleveland Visit to Mr. Fred Douglass (Washington Post, Aug. 13, 1886)
This is a guest post by John (from The Lion of Anacostia), cross-posted here. An article from the Washington Post about President Grover Cleveland and Col. Daniel S. Lamont getting lost in 19th century Anacostia while attempting to visit Fred Douglass at Cedar Hill.
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Violence on the Streets of Old Anacostia - A Letter From Washington in 1886
This post recounts a letter from Washington, D.C. in 1886 discussing the violence on the streets of Anacostia. Reports and perceptions of violence and criminality in Anacostia are over-rated and have a history.
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Exploring the Racist Real Estate Ad from 1911 for Fairlawn in Anacostia
This blog post explores a real estate advertisement from 1911 for Fairlawn in Anacostia, DC. It provides a harsh window into a very different and blatantly racist time in Washington. Read to learn more about this area's history.
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A Look at Congress Heights in 1902: An Advertisement from the Washington Times
Take a look back in time to 1902 and explore Congress Heights with this advertisement from the Washington Times. Read through the whole thing and be amazed!
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Exploring the History of Poplar Point and the Anacostia Flats
Discover the history of Poplar Point and the Anacostia Flats and learn what important events occurred here involving a future president. Read about the Bonus Army and the Summer of 1932 and Proposed Stadium Site. Plus, learn about Bolling Field opens for air mail.
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Three Things About the Bryant Street Pumping Station
Curious about water problems in DC? Here are stories about the Bryant Street Pumping Station from the early 1900s.
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Why Is It Named Anacostia?
Curious why it's named Anacostia? Check out the history which goes back to Captain John Smith in the 17th century.
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The Worst Aerial Tragedy in Washington History: The 1938 Plane Crash in Anacostia
On November 9th, 1938, two aviators, Lieutenant Colonel Leslie MacDill and Private Joseph G. Gloxner, burned to death in the worst aerial tragedy in the history of Washington after their airplane crashed on a street in Anacostia. Read the full story here.
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