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Exploring Bethesda and Montgomery County: A Map of the Area from 1878
Explore the area around Bethesda and Montgomery County, MD with this 1878 map. Learn why it was named Montgomery County and more! Click for a larger map.
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Ah, Kids Will Be Kids: A Look Back at the 1929 Flapper-era 'Whoopee' Party in Chevy Chase
Ah, kids will be kids! Even your grandparents and great-grandparents were kids once, and they too got themselves into trouble. Read about this flapper-era "whoopee" party in Chevy Chase in 1929, along with the story of Marjorie Morris and her mischievous adventures at the Strand Theater.
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What Is The History of the Capital Beltway?
Love it. Hate it. It has some of the most confusing terminology for out-of-towners. Inner loop of what? Outer loop? But there’s only one Beltway. Wait, I’m on 495, but also 95, and that’s 295? That’s not confusing. Super GoDC reader, DrCapsFan (if we make t-shirts, he might get the first) suggested doing a little research into the Capital Beltway. This one will likely be a...
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Yosef Alon, Israeli Diplomat Murdered in Bethesda
Yosef Alon was an Israeli diplomat murdered in front of his Bethesda, Maryland home on July 1st, 1973.
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