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A Look Back at Rosslyn from Georgetown in 1964
Take a journey back in time to 1964 with this photo of Rosslyn, DC, taken from Georgetown. Get a glimpse of what the city looked like over half a century ago.
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Exploring the History of National Airport: A Look Back at the Old Terminal in 1941
Discover the history of National Airport with a fascinating look back at the old terminal building in 1941. From its humble beginnings as Hoover Field to its critical role in World War II and subsequent expansion, learn about the changes that have shaped this important transportation hub in the heart of the nation's capital.
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Proposed Southside Freeway in Arlington: What Could Have Been
This post explores the proposed Southside Freeway in Arlington which never came to be. Learn about the 1960 proposal, the public opinion, and why the highway never came to fruition in this post.
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A Look Back: Building Memorial Bridge in Washington, D.C. - May 15th, 1928
Take a look back in time with this beautiful old photo showing the construction of Memorial Bridge looking from D.C. towards Arlington National Cemetery. The photo is dated May 15th, 1928. Source: Flickr user Tim Evanson.
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Discovering a Cool Old Photo of Aqueduct Bridge 105 Years Later
Take a trip back in time 105 years and explore the Aqueduct Bridge as seen in a cool old photo. Discover what the bridge looked like before it was demolished after the construction of the Key Bridge.
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A Rare Photo of the Pentagon From Above
Get a birds-eye view of the Pentagon from the 1940s with this rare photo. Enjoy a glimpse of a bit of history and the War Department with this aerial shot captured by Theodor Horydczak.
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Why Is It Named Clarendon?
Clarendon started as a development off of the Georgetown to Falls Church road (now Wilson Blvd.) and the Washington, Arlington, Falls Church Railway.
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Explore Virginia in Unprecedented Detail with this Incredible Civil War Map
Discover an incredible Civil War map of part of Virginia from Alexandria to the Potomac River above Washington, D.C. Click on the image for a much larger version. Source: Library of Congress.
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A View of the Washington Monument From the George Washington Memorial Parkway
Take a look at this amazing view of the Washington Monument from the George Washington Memorial Parkway. What do you think? Check out GhostsofDC.org for more!
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Exploring the History of Arlington County: A Look at an 18th Century Map
Take a look at this fascinating 18th century map of Arlington County and discover why it was named Arlington. Find out more about the history of the county with this interesting blog post!
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A Trip Down Memory Lane - Exploring the "Lawyers' Row Block" in Arlington from the Early 1990s
Take a virtual trip down memory lane and explore the "Lawyers' Row Block" in Arlington during the early 1990s. See how this area has changed from then to now with a comparison of images from the Library of Congress and Google Street View.
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Take a Look at Washington & Lee High School in 1916
Take a look at this amazing old photo from 1916 of Washington & Lee High School. This school has some notable alumni including Sandra Bullock, Warren Beatty, and Shirley MacLaine. Visit our blog to learn more!
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Dead Man's Hollow: A Dark History of Rosslyn and Arlington
Discover the dark history of Rosslyn and Arlington, VA, in the late 19th & early 20th century, including the notorious Dead Man's Hollow. Learn about infamous murders, robberies and more in this blog post from Ghosts of DC.
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Evolution of Carlin Springs Subdivision in Alexandria (Now Arlington County)
Take a look at the evolution of Carlin Springs Subdivision in Alexandria, now Arlington County. See a map from 1890 and compare it to a map from today. Visit the Library of Congress to learn more.
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Why Is It Named Glebe Road in Arlington?
Learn about Glebe Road. It dates back to the 1700s and initially was known as the "Road to the Falls" taking travelers from Alexandria to Great Falls.
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Compare and Contrast: 1940s Aerial Photo of Washington and Google Map
GoDCer Chris graciously shared an aerial photo of Washington from the 1940s. Compare and contrast it to the Google Map for a fascinating look into the past.
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Take a Look Back at Rosslyn in 1965 with this Photo
Check out this amazing photo of Rosslyn in 1965. We dug up this photo on Flickr and it was taken by Roger Wollstadt. Plus, don't miss our post from earlier in the week about a giant fire and explosion that rocked and almost destroyed Rosslyn.
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Fire and Explosions Threaten to Destroy Rosslyn
We came across a crazy article detailing the horrors and action-movie like sequences of the fire that ripped the town.
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Crystal House in Arlington: A Look Back at the 1963 Ad, Printed the Day of Kennedy's Assassination
Discover the fascinating history of Crystal House, Arlington Virginia's recently constructed apartments in 1963. Our blog post explores an old advertisement, featuring a two-bedroom apartment for $175 per month, published on the same day as Kennedy's assassination. Learn about the history of Crystal House and the unique connection it has to this tragic event.
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The History of Westmont Shopping Center in Arlington, VA
Discover the history of Westmont Shopping Center in Arlington, VA, from its origins in 1940 to today. Learn about the intersection of Columbia Pike and Glebe Road, and the investment of $250,000 in the structure. Check out the drawing of the shopping center from the article!
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“The Horrifying Warning From 1973: Don't Swim In the Potomac River”
“Remember how bad the Potomac River was in the 1970s? Back then, there was a warning posted telling people not to swim in it. Check out this sign from 1973 recommending you seek immediate medical attention after prolonged exposure.”
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A 1960s Advertisement for Apartments in Arlington
Take a look back in time with a 1960s advertisement for apartments in Arlington. The building still exists, and the rent is substantially higher than what's listed in the ad. Click on the ad for a larger version.
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Proposal for Rock Creek Park in Washington DC, 1886
In 1886, a proposal for Rock Creek Park in Washington DC was made. Read and explore the idea, its history and how the land was eventually used for something more important than a park: Arlington National Cemetery.
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Solving the Mystery of 1921 Photos of Homes in Lyon Park, Arlington
Can you help solve the mystery of these 1921 photos of homes in Arlington's Lyon Park? Take a look and see if you can identify any of the locations or if the homes still exist.
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Help Us Identify This Home from the Library of Congress - It Appears to be from 1920
Can you help us identify this home from the Library of Congress? It appears to be from 1920 and we'd love to know if it still exists today. Check out the photo and interior shot and let us know what you think!
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Discovering the Forgotten Ballston Skulls: A Semi-Pro Football Team of the 1930s
Discover the forgotten story of the Ballston Skulls, a semi-pro football team of the 1930s. We've dug up some history and searched for photos, but if you know of any, please let us know!
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Why Is It Named Ballston?
Ball's Crossroads was established as a village in Arlington County in 1874, and in 1895, the official name was changed to Ballston.
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The History of Whitlow's on Wilson in Arlington
Discover the history of Whitlow's on Wilson in Arlington, from its original location at 11th and E St. NW in Washington, D.C., to its current home in Clarendon. Learn trivia about the popular bar and find out where Arlington County received its name.
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Exploring Alexandria County in 1879 Through the Library of Congress Map Collection
Dive into the past and explore Alexandria County (now Arlington County) in 1879 with this awesome map from the Library of Congress map collection. GoDCer Tim will love it!
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Uncovering the Past: An Incredible Civil War Map from the Boston Public Library Archives
Happy Saturday GoDCers! We uncovered an incredible Civil War map of the rebel fortifications just west of D.C. in the Boston Public Library archives. Check out the original here!
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