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Harrison Dyar: The Scientist Who Dug Secret Tunnels Under D.C.
The peculiar tale of Harrison G. Dyar Jr., the brilliant entomologist who dug elaborate tunnels below Washington D.C. in secret for years until the underground network was accidentally exposed in 1924, sparking mystery.
Hagley Archives - Statue of Rear Admiral Samuel Francis DuPont
Where is the Original Dupont Circle Statue?
The original statue of Samuel DuPont sat for more than a generation at the center of Dupont Circle. Then it was removed because people thought it was ugly. Read the story to learn more.
Old Dutch Market at Dupont Circle
The Old Dutch Market at Dupont Circle is now occupied by CVS. It was a thriving business in DC through the 1920s. See their launch ad and learn more about what happened to them.
Bartholdi Fountain Almost Moved to Dupont Circle in 1881
The Bartholdi Fountain on Capitol Hill was almost moved to Dupont Circle at the request of James Blaine. Until history intervened.
Connecticut Avenue Association advertisement in the Washington Times - February 3rd, 1921
Great 1921 Ad for Dupont Circle Shopping
This is a great advertisement from the early 1920s. The Connecticut Avenue Association was promoting retail up and down Connecticut Ave., near Dupont Circle, including the Dupont National Bank.
Apartment Building Collapses in Dupont Circle
Part of the building at 20th and P St. near Dupont Circle came crashing down during construction in 1908. Two workmen were killed and several more came close to meeting a horrific end.
The Fascinating History of Selling Balloons on the Streets of D.C.
Discover the fascinating history of balloon selling on the streets of Washington D.C. in the 1930s, including how much money vendors like Joe the Greek could make in an afternoon.
Old Spanish Embassy at 1521 New Hampshire Ave. NW
Exploring the Old Spanish Embassy at 1521 New Hampshire Ave. NW in 1911
Take a look back in time to 1911 and explore the Old Spanish Embassy at 1521 New Hampshire Ave. NW. Check it out today on Google Street View.
View of 5 Dupont Circle NW where President William H. Taft once lived. FOR RENT signs are taped into the first floor windows. Image also includes partial views of 4 and 6 Dupont Circle.
President Taft's Former Home on Dupont Circle
Where did former President Taft live while he was the Chief Justice? This old row house in Dupont Circle was where he lives during his Supreme Court tenure.
1919 Dupont Circle
Explore Dupont Circle in 1919 with this Map
Take a journey through time and explore Dupont Circle in 1919 using this vintage map from the Library of Congress. See what used to be the British Embassy at the intersection of Connecticut and N St.

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