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Remembering Brickskeller: The Slow Demise of an Iconic DC Institution
Brickskeller was an iconic DC institution that many locals remember fondly. Learn about its slow demise and the beer renaissance that arrived in DC, as well as a look back at the 1957 advertisement for its opening.
The Cairo Building
The Terrifying Tale of Albert Deal's 120-Foot Elevator Shaft Fall
This is the incredible story of Albert Deal, a Pennsylvania steamfitter who fell 120 feet down an elevator shaft at the Cairo Flats in 1894. Miraculously, he survived with only a sprained back! Find out the story behind this amazing tale.
Robert H. Muir's World War I Draft Registration Card (Ancestry.com)
The Anonymous Story of Robert Muir, the Cairo Hotel Manager from the 1910s
Discover the anonymous story of Robert Muir, the Cairo Hotel Manager from the 1910s. Learn about his life, marriage to Marie, and his tragic death in 1931.
Blaine Mansion (1900)
Exploring the Blaine Mansion at the Turn of the Century
Explore the history of the Blaine Mansion at the turn of the century, built in 1881 and former home of James G. Blaine, former Speaker of the House, Senator, and twice the Secretary of State. See a color photo and what the area looks like today.
Massachusetts and 21st St. NW (1917)
A Look at a Car Accident on Massachusetts and 21st St. NW: Then and Now
Take a look at this serious car accident on Massachusetts and 21st St. NW from 1917 and then a recent Google Street View. Check out the photo from 1917 and then the recent Google Street View.
If Walls Could Talk: Kramerbooks and Afterwords Cafe
I’m really excited about doing this one and I’m sure there are a few of you out there that are really going to enjoy learning about our favorite spot, Kramerbooks. Since 1976, this place has been a favorite place to find a book, grab a bite, some beer, or have some coffee and chat over dessert. Some of you may even remember when it hit the national spotlight in the late 90s when they refused to disclose Monica Lewinksy’s book purchases after being subpoenaed by Ken Starr. Dupont...
Big Bear Cafe
If Walls Could Talk: Big Bear Cafe
Big Bear Cafe is a lovely coffee shop which has warmed up Bloomingdale residents since 2007. It’s a favorite of many in the neighborhood and, for better or worse, people in other neighborhoods (this Portlandia clip is very àpropos). It’s Friday afternoon and we’re on the cusp of a chilly, rainy weekend. So, let me say that there’s no better place to go for a nice hot chocolate, chai or cup of joe than Big Bear. Get there early if you plan on relaxing with the paper (or iPad),...
Screen shot 2012-01-06 at 11.56
Digging Deeper: Elmer Ardeeser, the Driver From 1930 Dupont Circle Car Crash
This blog post investigates Elmer Ardeeser, the driver at the center of a 1930 Dupont Circle car crash. Elmer had an interesting past, including ties to Babe Ruth's orphanage. Learn more about the event and the people involved.
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Washington Hilton 1968
Jimi Hendrix at the Washington Hilton: A Look Back at the Guitar God's 1968 Performance in D.C.
Relive Jimi Hendrix's incredible performance at the Washington Hilton on March 10th, 1968. Featuring concert footage, photos, a setlist, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning review from the Washington Post.

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