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Massimo Vignelli: The Visionary Behind the Washington Metro's Iconic Design
Explore the legacy of Massimo Vignelli, the visionary designer behind the Washington Metro's iconic look. Discover how his philosophy of simplicity and functionality shaped the visual identity of D.C.'s public transit system.
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Lights, Camera, Laughs! Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone Charmed Washington, DC
In March '36, comedy "royalty" Jack Benny & wife Mary Livingstone arrived in DC, bringing laughs galore to delight politicos & fans. Dubbed "royal couple" by press, the duo charmed the capital for a week with wisecracks 'a plenty before departing in style, leaving smiles for miles.
The Cherry Tree Rebellion: How Jefferson's Memorial Spurred a Revolt
The dramatic 1938 Cherry Tree Rebellion saw D.C. women chaining themselves to cherry trees to stop removal for the Jefferson Memorial. Learn the story behind the controversial protest over commemorating Jefferson's legacy.
Ballston-MU station in Arlington, Virginia, photographed late at night.
Metro Magic: How Public Transit Sparked Ballston's Revival
Ballston Metro Station: The linchpin in Ballston's journey from a fading strip to a bustling urban center. Dive into its transformative tale.
Undoing Retrocession: The Failed Attempt to Restore Washington D.C.'s Original Borders
In the early 1900s, Presidents Taft and Wilson tried reversing the 1846 retrocession of Alexandria, VA to restore DC's original borders. But despite political momentum, Virginian resistance doomed efforts to reclaim the valuable land.
When Was the Hay-Adams Hotel Built?
The Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington D.C. was built in 1928 on the site of two private homes owned by John Hay and Henry Adams. The luxury hotel was designed by architect Mihran Mesrobian in an Italian Renaissance style.
Inside the National Air and Space Museum: Source: Smithsonian
When Was the Air and Space Museum Built? A Historical Overview
Discover the origins of the Air and Space Museum in this historical journey – when was it built and how it became an iconic institution.
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Was Pat Garrett an Outlaw or a Lawman?
Explore whether Pat Garrett was an outlaw or a lawman. Discover his ties with Teddy Roosevelt and how it affected his legacy.
Early photo of Dulles Airport's main terminal in black and white
When Was Dulles Airport Built? The History Behind the Gateway
When was Dulles Airport built? Unveiled in 1962, discover its visionary design and transformative influence on Washington D.C.'s landscape.
Lone Star Diplomacy: Texas' Ambassadors to the United States Before Annexation
Explore the intricate dance of 19th-century diplomacy between Texas & the U.S. Uncover the envoys pivotal to this historic union.

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