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Hickory Hill - the Kennedy estate on Chain Bridge Road
JFK's Opposition to Widening Chain Bridge Road in McLean, VA
Learn about JFK's opposition to widening Chain Bridge Road from McLean into the District. We also uncovered some interesting facts about the history of McLean, VA. Read more about this story here!
Devon Park real estate advertisement - 1957
Celebrating the Name of John Roll McLean with a 1957 Devon Park Real Estate Advertisement
We're celebrating John Roll McLean, former owner of the Washington Post, with a 1957 real estate advertisement for Devon Park in McLean, VA. Check out the Brady-esque architecture!
Franklin MacVeagh in 1909 (Wikipedia)
Secretary of the Treasury Franklin MacVeagh and His Appreciation of Architecture and Urban Planning
Secretary of the Treasury Franklin MacVeagh was a man that appreciated beauty and the aesthetics of architecture. He was also a clear supporter of urban planning with an eye towards maintaining or enhancing the appeal of a city. Learn about his impact on architecture and urban planning in this article!

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