If Walls Could Talk / 10.02.2012

I was walking through Glover Park the other day with my wife and she made a great suggestion to do an "If Walls Could Talk" on the neighborhood favorite Pearson's on Wisconsin. This place has been around for a really long time (since 1933). Your grandfather (or great-grandfather) probably would have purchased some booze from them (if he lived in D.C. back then). Given the natural history of this place, I'm going to agree with my wife and do some research on this local business. A place that used to supply President Truman with some booze for his weekly poker game is definitely worth out time. So, let's give some love to a different 'hood and dig into some Glover Park history.
If Walls Could Talk, Reader's Choice / 27.01.2012

I received an email from a reader saying she learned of Ghosts of DC through this post on Big Bear Cafe. She kindly asked if I would look into the history of her Bloomingdale condo building in, as she knew very little about it (other than old stories from local cabbies). I'm starting to see an increase in email requests like this, and I wish I could get to all of them, but for this one, I'm happy to oblige. I'll see what I can dig up for her (and her neighbors) to bring to life the history of 150 Rhode Island Ave. NW, The Seaton. Plus, she asked very nicely and said please. So here's our next "Reader's Choice" and "If Walls Could Talk."