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Uncovering the Stories Behind the Names on Headstones at D.C.'s Holy Rood Cemetery
Take a stroll through one of D.C.'s less visited cemeteries, Holy Rood Cemetery, and discover the stories behind the names on the headstones. From prominent doctors to Irish immigrants, uncover the past lives of the city's regular Washingtonians.
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Why Is It Named Tunlaw Road?
There once was a great suburban Washington estate called Tunlaw, in what is today Wesley Heights - the home stood at 45th and Klingle.
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The Good Old Days: A Classic Washington Post Advertisement from 1927
Take a step back in time with this classic Washington Post advertisement from 1927. It's a reminder of the good old days when some had Frigidaire! #WashingtonPost #History
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Uncovering the History of Stoddert Elementary School in Glover Park
Learn about Benjamin Stoddert, the former Secretary of the Navy and namesake of Stoddert Elementary School in Glover Park. We also uncover the school's 1932 dedication ceremony and the neighborhood history.
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Value Asserts Itself in Glover Park
Here’s a cool ad for homes in Glover Park in the late 1920s. The sample home was at 3833 Beecher St. NW, but the photo in the advertisement appears to be 3837 Beecher St. (according to Google Street View). Take a look yourself. Glover Park homes advertisement in Washington Post – October 14th, 1928 And here is the same home today on Google Street View.
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Exploring the History of Pearson's Liquor Store in Glover Park
Explore the history of Pearson's Liquor Store in Glover Park, DC, from 1933 to present day. Hear stories about yeggmen, traffic deaths, price fixing, and more!
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