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"Election night crowd at White House, November 1920." The chosen one was Warren Harding. National Photo Company glass negative.

1920 Election Night Celebrations at the White House

Take a look at the crowd in front of the White House on Election Night 1920. The elation is palpable as the crowd exudes utter joy and relief that eight years of Woodrow Wilson are over and change has come to Washington in the shape of Warren G. Harding. It was a landslide victory for […]

The Washington Herald - December 20th, 1920

December 20th, 1920: Join Our New Christmas Club

How are you liking the “In The Paper” posts? Check out this page from The Washington Herald on Monday, December 20th, 1920. The “Merchant of Venice” performed by Gonzaga students and a Mardi Gras-themed inaugural ball for Warren G. Harding.

Calvin Coolidge, The Vice President of What?

This one made me laugh. This would never happen today … at least I hope it wouldn’t. It’s a story about Calvin Coolidge’s time here at Vice President under Warren Harding. Coolidge and his family arrived in Washington as the new Vice President and needed to find a suitable home. Unfortunately for the Coolidge clan, […]

Video: Wilson, Harding and a Nation Pay Respect to the Unknown Soldier (1921)

Here’s a video I came across on YouTube of the old president and recently inaugurated one attending the burial ceremony of the Unknown Soldier. President Wilson was instrumental in honoring those “unknown but to God” by having them interred in the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery. The ceremony made all the national […]

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