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A Look Back at Election Night 1920: A Night of Elation and Change at the White House
Take a look back at Election Night 1920, when the crowd in front of the White House was filled with elation and relief that 8 years of Woodrow Wilson were over. It was a landslide victory for Harding-Coolidge over James M. Cox and FDR.
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A Look Back at The Washington Herald from December 20th, 1920: The "Merchant of Venice" and a Mardi Gras-themed Inaugural Ball
Take a look back to December 20th, 1920 with this page from The Washington Herald. Learn about the "Merchant of Venice" performed by Gonzaga students and the Mardi Gras-themed inaugural ball for Warren G. Harding.
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A Little Girl Waiting for a Photo with President Warren G. Harding on the White House Steps
This picture speaks for itself. On June 29, 1922, this little girl waited on the White House steps to take a photo with President Warren G. Harding, who was in office at the time. It was a dream come true for her!
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Calvin Coolidge: The Quiet Vice President Who Evacuated the Willard Hotel During a Fire
Calvin Coolidge was known to be an extremely quiet man. When he and his wife had to evacuate the Willard Hotel during a fire, he showed his true colors of kindness and good humor. Read the full story of how he stayed calm in a chaotic situation.
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Woodrow Wilson's Role in Honoring the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery
Learn about President Woodrow Wilson's role in honoring the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. Explore the historic events surrounding this momentous occasion, including the Evening Public Ledger's coverage and Wilson's visit to the Tomb of the Unknowns. Visit Woodrow Wilson House for more information.
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Exploring the Dedication Ceremony of the Joan of Arc Statue in Meridian Hill Park
Take a journey through history to explore the dedication of the iconic Joan of Arc statue in Meridian Hill Park. Learn about the ceremony, the people in attendance, and the symbolism of the statue.
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