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Logan Circle

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A Look Back at Logan Circle in the 1920s
Take a look back at Logan Circle in the 1920s with this photo from the Library of Congress. Learn more about the history of Logan Circle with Ghosts of DC.
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The Mysterious Old Building on 14th St. in Logan Circle: A 1942 Photo and Today
Take a look at an old building on 14th St. in Logan Circle, DC in 1942 and today. The US government froze sales of all new automobiles in January 1942, and this building was an automobile dealership at the time. See the photos and find out what's happening on the block today.
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Exploring the Streets of DC in 1920: 1610 14th St. NW
Take a journey back in time to explore DC's 1610 14th St. NW in 1920! See what's changed and stay the same with Ghibellina, Rice and Pearl Dive. Zoom in on the details and see the amazing graffiti and a mysterious hose coming out of the ground!
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Exploring Logan Circle in 1892: An Amazing Old Map of Iowa Circle
Take a journey back in time and explore Logan Circle (back then known as Iowa Circle) in 1892 with this amazing old map. Source: Dig DC
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The Unexpected History of Home Rule at 1807 14th St. NW
Discover the unexpected history of Home Rule at 1807 14th St. NW, from Edward L. Coates' harassment of Senators to the busts of the numbers racket. Plus, learn about the store's current owners since 1999.
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Exploring the History of 1320 14th St. NW: From Auctions to Yeggs to Sex Shops
Explore the fascinating history of 1320 14th St. NW, from auctions in 1878 to a safe robbery in 1934 to a sex shop in 1985. Plus, learn why it's now home to The Pig restaurant!
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If Walls Could Talk: Pearl Dive Oyster Palace
I’m missing tonight’s slow braised pork shank, but a deal’s a deal (if you’re reading this on Friday, I wrote this Thursday night and ordered take out from Pho 14 … yum). Winner of the inaugural “If Walls Could Talk” reader poll is Pearl Dive Oyster Palace (@PearlDiveDC), taking 33% of the vote. Cleveland Park’s representative, Dino (@dinodc), took...
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