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The Story of How Reno Road in North Cleveland Park Almost Became Washington Avenue
Learn the fascinating story of how Reno Road in North Cleveland Park almost became Washington Avenue in honor of the west coast state. Find out why the proposal was opposed by Senator Howard Cannon of Nevada.
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Exploring the History of 3715 & 3713 Macomb St. NW: From Beauty Shop to 2Amys
From beauty shop to shoe shop to 2Amys, explore the history of 3715 & 3713 Macomb St. NW in Washington DC. Learn about the expert barber and shoe repairman that used to occupy the space before it changed hands!
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1889 Cleveland Park Real Estate Ad
At the time, Grover Cleveland lived north of the city in a lovely old estate called Oak Hill. Eventually, the neighborhood that grew up around his home was named for him: "Cleveland Park".
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Why Is It Named Cleveland Park?
What is today Cleveland Park was an area for well-off Washingtonians to build their summer cottages. It was far enough away from swampy hot downtown and elevated to provide some breezy relief.
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A Look Back at Connecticut Avenue Highlands (Now Cleveland Park) in 1910
Take a look back at Connecticut Avenue Highlands (now Cleveland Park) in 1910 with this old advertisement. Check out more of our awesome old ads here!
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Uncovering the History of Phoebe Hearst Elementary School
Learn the history of Phoebe Hearst Elementary School in North Cleveland Park, a school dedicated to the philanthropist, feminist, and suffragist. Find out why it's named after her, and learn about her influential work in early education.
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A Look Back at the Early Days of Cleveland Park
Explore the early days of Cleveland Park, formerly known as Cleveland Heights and Columbia Heights. See two maps of the area from 1892 and learn about President and Mrs. Cleveland's country seat.
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A Look Back: Here's an Old Ad from the Roaring 20s
Take a look back at the Roaring 20s with this old ad from the Washington Post on August 5th, 1928. See the imagery and get a sense of what life was like in the 1920s.
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What Was Life Like in 1948? Examining a Washington Post Advertisement from Leap Day
Take a look back at life in 1948 through a Washington Post advertisement printed on Leap Day, February 29th. Explore the culture, trends and more from the past.
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Exploring Connecticut Avenue in 1919: A Map of Cleveland Park and Chevy Chase
Take a journey back in time to explore Connecticut Avenue in 1919 with maps of Cleveland Park and Chevy Chase. See what the area looked like over 100 years ago!
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Washington Post Reports Plumbing Fixtures Stolen From Vacant Houses in 1927
Read this article from the Washington Post printed in 1927 about the theft of plumbing fixtures valued at $1,150 from vacant houses. Learn about the stolen items and the B. F. Saul real estate firm's role in the investigation.
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North Cleveland Park Homes for Sale in 1927
Homes for sale on Veazey Street in North Cleveland Park.
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Remember Marjorie Morris? GoDCer Steve Finds Amazing Piece of Internet Gold!
GoDCer Steve recently found an amazing piece of Internet gold about Marjorie Morris, the intrepid young Washingtonian, noted for her wild adventures. Check out the amazing discovery and the Cleveland Park Historical Society website.
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Exploring the History of the Park and Shop at Connecticut and Ordway in Cleveland Park
If you've ever been to Cleveland Park, you've probably seen the Park and Shop on Connecticut and Ordway. Learn more about its history, as one of the country's oldest strip malls, built in 1930 by Shannon & Luchs.
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When House Speaker Carl Albert Hit Two Cars on Capitol Hill
This is an article from the Washington Post on September 11th, 1972, when House Speaker Carl Albert, driven by too many drinks, hit two vehicles on Capitol Hill. Read this great story to find out what happened next!
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Unveiling the Uptown Theater: Clark Gable, Star Wars and Jurassic Park
Dive into the history of the Uptown Theater in Cleveland Park - from its opening night with Clark Gable to the chaos of Star Wars and the world premiere of Jurassic Park.
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Senator John Stennis Shot in Cleveland Park in 1973
In January 1973, Senator John Stennis of Mississippi was shot in the chest and leg in DC's Cleveland Park neighborhood. He survived 6 1/2 hours of surgery and two Washington teenagers were charged. Read the full story here.
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The History of Cathedral Heights, From Wild Dogs to Real Estate Mogul William Matteson
Learn the unique history of Cathedral Heights, from its early days of wild dogs to real estate mogul William Matteson. Read an article from 1907 that announced the birth of Cathedral Highlands and the important role Matteson played in its development.
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Proposed National Zoo in Rock Creek Park
We are a great nation and Americans in the 1880s were proud of their rapidly growing and dominant country. But how can you truly be a great nation without a national zoo to show off all the wonderful creatures that roam your lands, as well as those of foreign lands? Not only that, how will you help preserve the species that were being decimated by the rapid westward expansion and industrial progress? A...
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