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1907 map of Congress Heights

1907 Map of Congress Heights

In the interest of giving GoDCers more on Congress Heights, here is a map of the area in 1907. And compare it to the current map from Google.

Gen. Charles E. Hooker

Town Flag of Congress Heights

Did you know Congress Heights had a town flag? (Does it still have a flag?) We didn’t. Below is an article published in the Washington Post on July 23rd, 1901, commenting on the adoption of a town flag for Congress Heights. Congress Heights citizens met Saturday evening for the purpose of adopting a flag or […]

Nichols Avenue (MLB Boulevard) 1910 & 2010

We Want More Congress Heights

When we started this blog last year, we received close to zero emails from readers. That’s probably because we only had a dozen or so dedicated readers. Now, we are fortunate enough to hear from GoDCers on a daily basis. We’re doing our best to get back to each of you in a timely manner, and […]

Congress Heights advertisement - May 17th, 1902 (Washington Times)

Congress Heights: The Healthiest and Most Delightful Suburb of Washington

Admittedly, I do not focus enough east of the river. I was doing a little digging around the Library of Congress archives and came across this gem. This is an advertisement for homes in Congress Heights, published on May 17th, 1902 in the Washington Times. Read through the whole thing. It’s amazing. Related articles Move […]

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