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Where Was the Last Farm in Washington, DC?
Where was the last farm in Washington, DC? It was located in Congress Heights, in southeast and was gone by 1939.
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1907 Map of Congress Heights
In the interest of giving GoDCers more on Congress Heights, here is a map of the area in 1907. 1907 map of Congress Heights And compare it to the current map from Google. [googlemaps https://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=38.843852,-76.998539&spn=0.022161,0.045276&t=m&z=15&output=embed]
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The Adoption of a Town Flag for Congress Heights: A 1901 Story
Did you know Congress Heights had a town flag? Read the story of its adoption in 1901, with remarks from Gen. Charles E. Hooker, a Mississippi Congressman at the time. Learn about the design of the flag and the reception for Gen. Hooker afterward.
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Request from GoDCer George: Photos and Articles of Congress Heights from 1908-2010
GoDCer George sends us photos and articles of Congress Heights from 1908-2010. We are adding Congress Heights to our neighborhoods list and sharing some of George's material.
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Rediscovering Congress Heights: An Advertisement in the Washington Times from 1902
Take a look back in time with this amazing advertisement for homes in Congress Heights, published in the Washington Times on May 17th, 1902. Rediscover this gem from the Library of Congress archives.
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