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A Look Back: Comparing FDR, Eisenhower, and Obama Inauguration Photos
Take a look back at history with photos of historic inaugurations of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and Barack Obama. See how the ceremonies have changed over the years!
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Rare Footage of FDR Dedicating the NIH Campus in Bethesda in 1940
Take a look back in time with this rare footage of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt dedicating the NIH Campus in Bethesda, Maryland in 1940. Read more about this historic moment and see the original post here.
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Ex-Slave Visits With FDR at White House
Watching the Oscars and thinking of 12 Years a Slave, we were wondering if and when a former slave visited the White House as a guest. I also suspect that this has happened more than once, so after digging in The Washington Post, we were able to uncover a great story about a former slave who visited with President Roosevelt. Washington Post headline Below is the article detailing the meeting...
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The Mayflower Hotel: Three Bits of Trivia
Experience history and explore the fascinating stories of FDR's "Nothing to Fear" speech, Monica Lewinsky's "blue dress" scandal, and the Walker Hotel and Apartments with this post. Discover the Mayflower Hotel!
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Unbelievable: A Letter Written by 14-Year-Old Fidel Castro Discovered in the National Archives
Discover the unbelievable! A letter written by Fidel Castro, at the age of 14, was recently discovered in the National Archives. Read the story and see the letter here.
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The State Department, Cupid, and Reciprocal Trade Agreements: Examining Washington, DC in 1936
This blog post examines the 1936 Washington Post article detailing the U.S. State Department's refusal to make a reciprocal trade agreement with Cupid. We observe a great tongue-in-cheek opening line and learn how the diplomatic circle in DC has changed over the years.
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White House Home-Brewed Beer: A Look Back to 1934
Take a look back to 1934 for an account of a White House beer party just after the repeal of Prohibition. Find out the official White House beer recipe and more about the President's stance on alcohol.
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Reading the Washington Post Before Pearl Harbor: A Look at a Day Which Would Live in Infamy
In the hours before Pearl Harbor, Washington Post articles spoke of the failing negotiations between the U.S. and Japan. Read about the articles and President Roosevelt's dramatic move to prevent war. See his "Date Which Will Live in Infamy" speech and related articles.
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We Want Beer! The 1937 All-Star Game at Griffith Stadium
This … picture … is … awesome. This is why I love baseball. Lou Gehrig, Joe Cronin, Bill Dickey, Joe DiMaggio, Charlie Gehringer, Jimmie Foxx, and Hank Greenberg at Griffith Stadium in Washington, DC – July 7th, 1937 (Library of Congress) I could almost end the post with just this picture because it’s just that amazing. The 1937 Major League Baseball All-Star Game...
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FDR's 1941 State of the Union: Four Freedoms Speech
This is one of the greatest State of the Union speeches of all time … the one given, twelve presidents ago, by Franklin D. Roosevelt on January 6th, 1941. If you want the full text of the speech, go here. (more…)
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Watch as FDR is Inaugurated for the Fourth Time at the White House During WWII
Watch as Franklin Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, starts his fourth term at the White House during WWII. See the impressive video and photos, and learn more about this unique and muted event.
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1945 Film Footage of President Roosevelt's Funeral
April 12th, 1945 was a sad day for our nation. Our president, who had led us through the depths of the Depression and was a force for good during World War II, died at 3:35 pm. He had just been inaugurated for a record fourth term and was guiding our country through the closing months of the greatest war the planet had ever seen. This is a somber video of his funeral procession through the nation’s...
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