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Metro's Taft Bridge plan- color, November 1966
Never Built: Metro's Bridge Over Rock Creek
In these 1966 drawings, train cars roll under Connecticut Avenue, but above Rock Creek. These amazing early Metro plans never came to fruition. They depict the Red Line between Dupont Circle and Woodley Park.
Kalorama home advertisement
The 1929 Kalorama Home Advertisement and What it Looks Like Today
Take a look at this 1929 Kalorama home advertisement and see how much it changed when it was sold in 2012 for an impressive $2.2 million. Check out the before and after here!
aerial view of Temple Heights in the early 1930s (Library of Congress)
Exploring the History of Temple Heights and Oak Lawn, North of Dupont Circle
Take a look back in time and explore the history of Temple Heights and Oak Lawn, located north of Dupont Circle in Washington DC. Learn about the past of this iconic area and discover how it has changed over the years.
2446 Belmont Road NW
Exploring 2446 Belmont Road NW - Home of the Obamas and Former Residence of a Navy Radio Pioneer
Take an in-depth look at 2446 Belmont Road NW, the former home of the Obamas and Captain Charles Maddox, a military radio pioneer. Learn about the history of this lovely Kalorama home and its previous owners.
1907 map of Kalorama
Exploring Kalorama Through Time: A Comparison of the 1907 and Present-Day Maps
Take a look at the amazing transformation of Kalorama over time. From an empty lot in 1907 to a bustling, vibrant neighborhood worth over $200 million today - explore the comparison of these two maps!
1903 map of Kalorama and Washington Heights
A Look Back at Washington Heights (Adams Morgan) and Kalorama in 1903
Explore what Washington Heights (Adams Morgan) and Kalorama looked like in 1903 with this map of the area just north of Boundary Street (Florida Avenue).
Flag of Ireland
If Walls Could Talk: Embassy of Ireland
St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, but that is only the climax of the love affair between our country and The Emerald Isle. Everyone has, or claims to have, some link back to Ireland. My wife firmly places her heritage on that island, but alas, I trace my roots back to Ayrshire and the Scottish Lowlands — I don’t think the Irish will hold this against me. Everyone’s favorite country is a great one to kick off a twist on our favorite series “If Walls Could Talk”...
The "Rainbow Row" of homes on Cliffbourne Pl. NW
Exploring the History of 2515 Cliffbourne Pl. NW: The Green House in the "Rainbow Row" of Historic Homes
Dive into the history of 2515 Cliffbourne Pl. NW, the green house in the "Rainbow Row" of historic homes. Learn about the Speech Reading Club of Washington, the Queen of the Cherry Blossom Festival, and more!

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