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Exploring Kalorama Through Time: A Comparison of the 1907 and Present-Day Maps

1907 map of Kalorama
Take a look at the amazing transformation of Kalorama over time. From an empty lot in 1907 to a bustling, vibrant neighborhood worth over $200 million today - explore the comparison of these two maps!
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This is a really interesting look at a neighborhood, where today, the total value of the properties hovers probably somewhere near $200 million.

This map is from 1907 and shows the area completely subdivided, with almost no buildings. Totally fascinating.

1907 map of Kalorama
1907 map of Kalorama
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Check out the Google Map today. It looks like U St. became Wyoming Ave. and T St. became California St.

[googlemaps https://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=38.916648,-77.052623&spn=0.006169,0.005&t=m&z=17&output=embed]

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