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Petworth is an older streetcar suburb in upper northwest Washington. It was originally part of a large estate owned by John Tayloe, with the same name.

In the late 19th century, the property, as well as adjoining properties were sold to developers. As the streetcar expanded from downtown, the neighborhood became accessible and large tracts of row homes were developed and the area began to grow rapidly.

Here are three terrific articles about the neighborhood that you should read.

And of course, check out all the history and photos we have shared over the years.

Petworth in the 1930s
This lovely old photo of Washington shows the Petworth neighorhood from the air in the 1930s. Any idea where this is in Petworth? Also, for those in Petworth who thumb their nose at the suburban dwellers or Washington, living in "cookie-cutter homes, take a look at the origins of Petworth. Everything looks the same.
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Exploring Petworth's Development in the Early 20th Century: Ads from The Evening Star in 1926
Take a look at Petworth's development in the early 20th century with these ads from The Evening Star in 1926. See how the homes look today in Google Street View!
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Exploring the Evolution of Petworth Through Maps
Take a look back in time! We'll explore the development of Petworth and its surrounding areas over the decades through a series of maps. See how this DC neighborhood changed from 1903 to 1919.
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Exploring the History of Chez Billy (3815 Georgia Ave. NW) in Petworth
Delve into the past of Chez Billy in Petworth with this exploration of the address's history, from ice cream to seafood to Caribbean food. Learn about the building's place in political and African diplomatic history too.
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Exploring Petworth in 1921: Take a Look at This Map
Take a look at this 1921 map of Petworth and recognize any of the places. Click on it for a detailed version and learn why it's called Petworth!
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25 Years Later: A Look at an Old Real Estate Ad From 1988
Take a look back in time to an old classified advertisement from The Washington Post from exactly 25 years ago. See what homes were available and the interest rates that were charged in 1988.
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You Could Have Bought a Home in Petworth for $8,950 in 1927
Did you know you could have bought a home in Petworth, Washington DC for $8,950 in 1927? Read this blog post to find out more about this historical advertisement from The Washington Post.
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Exploring Washington DC History Through a 1920 Photo of Three Homes on Randolph St. NW
Explore Washington DC's history through a stunning 1920 photo of three homes on Randolph St. NW. Amazingly, all three homes still stand today! See the photo and learn more about DC's past.
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Celebrating Petworth Day: A Look at a 1907 Map of the Rural Areas to the West
Today is Petworth day! Check out this amazing 1907 map of Petworth, and then look how rural it was to the west. Amazing. #Petworth #DC #Map
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Exploring the Past Through Historic Photos of Washington, DC's Engine Company No. 24
Take a journey back in time with these historic photos of Washington, DC's Engine Company No. 24 from 1993. You can also explore more photos at the Library of Congress' site.
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