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Petworth is an older streetcar suburb in upper northwest Washington. It was originally part of a large estate owned by John Tayloe, with the same name.

In the late 19th century, the property, as well as adjoining properties were sold to developers. As the streetcar expanded from downtown, the neighborhood became accessible and large tracts of row homes were developed and the area began to grow rapidly.

Here are three terrific articles about the neighborhood that you should read.

And of course, check out all the history and photos we have shared over the years.

Why Is It Named Petworth?

Calling all hipsters! Do you know why it’s called Petworth? We’ll go out on a limb and guess that most of you do not (because we didn’t until we dug up a little history). Back in the day (i.e., mid-19th...
map of Grant Circle in 1916

Grant Circle and Petworth in 1916

This is a set of maps from 1916, showing a very different, and sparsely developed Petworth.  
Takoma 4 - Petworth 3 - Washington Post on July 23rd, 1900

Takoma Defeats Petworth in Hotly Contested Game

The good old days of Washington amateur baseball. There were hundreds, if not thousands of articles mentioning match-ups between different neighborhoods. This one from July 23rd, 1900 was especially entertaining. I doubt that a rivalry exists between Takoma and Petworth...
L.G. Schroder real estate advertisement - August 10th, 1919 (Washington Post)

Real Estate Investments; Make Your Dreams Come True

Take a look at this real estate investment ad from 1919. Only $6,300 for a home in Petworth! $30,000 for a home at 14th and Euclid? That’s a lot of money back then … I’m sure it was a pretty...
Sanborn fire insurance map circa 1903

Petworth is Like Omaha

Petworth was not always full of hipsters that resemble Officer Sprinkle (J.L. Sprinkle was such a badass, he was a hipster before being a hipster was even invented). At one time it was rural … yes, rural. Two primary country estates...
The Looking Glass

If Walls Could Talk: The Looking Glass Lounge

This next installment of “If Walls Could Talk” will be the Petworth watering hole, The Looking Glass Lounge. This is one of my favorite places for a Sunday afternoon beer, especially in the warmer months, out on their back patio....