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Tag: The Palisades

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Unearthing a 1909 Map of the Palisades During a Birthday Celebration
Mrs. Ghost, Ghost Baby and I spent a nice Saturday afternoon celebrating a birthday at a lovely home in the Palisades. We found an old 1909 map of the area. Check out the results and the source of the map in our blog post!
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The Fascinating Story Behind the Renaming of MacArthur Blvd.
Learn the fascinating story behind the renaming of MacArthur Blvd. in D.C. It was signed into law by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1942 to honor General Douglas MacArthur, the famous World War II general. Read on to learn more!
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A Look at the Palisades: A Comparison of a 1903 and Today’s Map
Take a look at the Palisades in 1903, and compare it to today. See a map from 1903 Baist real estate atlas, and a Google Maps view of the area today. Learn about the Palisades history with this comparative view.
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Exploring the Palisades of the Potomac (1890)
Explore the Palisades of the Potomac, a beautiful neighborhood located at the edge of the District of Columbia that was home to some of the wealthiest Washingtonians in the late 19th century. Learn more by viewing the 1890 advertisement!
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