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An Aerial Tour of the Washington Navy Yard Through the Years
Take a tour of the Washington Navy Yard in DC through the years with three amazing aerial photos. See the Navy Yard just months before President Kennedy's assassination, in the 1970s, and in the 1980s.
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19th Century View Towards Navy Yard
What a great old photo of the Navy Yard. View toward Navy Yard Source: Dig DC
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A Look Back at the Navy Yard in 1858: Exploring the Historic Plan
A glimpse into history with a look at the 1858 plan for the Navy Yard. Discover the fascinating details of this historic document, with images and more!
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From the Baltimore Sun to the U.S. Census: Uncovering the Tragic Tale of Rudolph and Mary Scheitlin
Digging through old newspaper archives and the U.S. Census, uncover the tragic tale of Rudolph and Mary Scheitlin that was printed in The Baltimore Sun in 1905. Learn the story of their rocky marriage, her dalliances and the fateful night that ended in murder.
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Uncovering the Fascinating Story of Col. Ulric Dahlgren, the Leg He Lost, and the Building That Held It
Discover the remarkable story of Col. Ulric Dahlgren, the Union soldier who lost his leg at Gettysburg, and the plaque that marks the spot in DC's Navy Yard where his leg was interred.
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Exploring the Washington Navy Yard Through an Old Plan From 1881
Discover the Washington Navy Yard through an old plan from June 1st, 1881. See the position and dimensions of all the buildings in this plan from the Library of Congress.
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The History of Georgetown's Gun Barrel Fence From the War of 1812
Discover the fascinating history of Georgetown's gun barrel fence, made from 364 reclaimed muskets from the Washington Navy Yard during the War of 1812. Read the full story here!
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Exploring the History of St. Matthews Episcopal Chapel at the Navy Yard
Take a closer look at St. Matthews Episcopal Chapel at the Navy Yard in 1921 and today. Learn more about the history of the area around Nationals Park and the stories of its former residents.
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Arrival of First Japanese Embassy at the Navy Yard (1860)
In January 1860, the Tokugawa shogunate sent a delegation to the United States with the primary objective of ratifying the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation (aka, the Harris Treaty). Commodore Matthew Perry (not Chandler) had opened Japan (forcefully) in 1854 and this was the first Japanese diplomatic mission sent to the United States. This historic event is particularly...
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Exploring the O Street Pumping Station: Navy Yard Wins Two, Lost Boy Found Dead, and Wandering in a Daze
Exploring the O Street Pumping Station in Washington, D.C.! Learn about the 1911 amateur baseball championship, a lost boy found dead, and a mysterious case of a wandering man in a daze. Read the full story here.
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Haunting Colorized Photo of The Unknown Soldier from WWI in 1921
A haunting and solemn colorized photo of The Unknown Soldier from WWI arriving at the Washington Navy Yard in 1921. Learn more about this historic event and related articles on Ghosts of DC.
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Celebrating Victory: The Workmen’s Visit to Lincoln and the White House on April 10th, 1865
On April 10th, 1865, workmen from the Washington Navy Yard, accompanied by a band, visited Abraham Lincoln and Secretary of the Navy, Gideon Welles to congratulate them and celebrate the Union victory in the Civil War. Lincoln addressed the men and requested a performance of "Dixie" to close the celebration.
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