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A Look Back to 1907: An Advertisement for Silver Spring Park
Take a look back to 1907 with this advertisement for Silver Spring Park, printed in The Washington Times. See the history of the park and its attractions and offerings in this vintage ad.
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The Tragic Burning of Falkland in 1864: Montgomery Blair's Home
Take a look at the tragic history of Falkland, Montgomery Blair's home, which was burned by Confederate troops or camp followers on July 12th, 1864. Read more on our post about how Silver Spring got its name.
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If Walls Could Talk: The Looking Glass Lounge
This next installment of “If Walls Could Talk” will be the Petworth watering hole, The Looking Glass Lounge. This is one of my favorite places for a Sunday afternoon beer, especially in the warmer months, out on their back patio. I imagine the place will be packed this evening, and now you guys have another interesting conversation topic … what’s the story of the building inside...
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