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Uncovering History: The Stories of Abraham Lincoln and Boston Corbett
Uncover the fascinating tales of Lincoln, Corbett, and a nation divided in this gripping exploration of Byron Berkeley Johnson's 1914 book. A must-read for history enthusiasts seeking fresh insights!
Washington, D.C. President Lincoln's funeral procession on Pennsylvania Avenue (April 19th, 1865)
Remembering Abraham Lincoln: A Look Back at His Funeral Procession on April 19th, 1865
On April 19th, 1865, the nation came to a standstill to mourn the death of President Abraham Lincoln. This blog post looks back at the funeral procession, capturing the grief and sadness of the mourners and the solemn atmosphere of the event.
The Wok n’ Roll Restaurant now occupies the space of the Surratt House. The original first floor door has been boarded up, and there is no evidence of the second story entrance or stairs.
Mary Surratt Boarding House is Now a Chinese Restaurant
Mary Surratt's boarding house is a Chinese restaurant, still standing just around the corner from Gallery Place Metro. Today, it's Wok and Roll.
The assassination of President Lincoln: at Ford's Theatre, Washington, D.C., April 14th, 1865
The Program for April 14, 1865 at Ford's Theater - The Night President Lincoln Was Assassinated
Take a look at the program from April 14, 1865 at Ford's Theater - the night President Lincoln was assassinated. You can see the characters, actors and the ticket prices for the show. Incredible to think of what that audience experienced that night.
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Sketches of Abraham Lincoln's Assassination
The Library of Congress has a large collection of graphic arts created over the course of two centuries. They depict famous locations and subjects. There are a large number dedicated to capturing the assassination and aftermath of President Lincoln. Below are an assortment, with descriptions. The text below this work says, “President Lincoln’s Last Reception, Respectfully Dedicated to the People of the United States.” Abraham Lincoln’s last reception Source: Library of...
Celebrating the 152nd Anniversary of the D.C. Emancipation Act
This week marks the 152nd anniversary of the D.C. Emancipation Act, which ended slavery in the District of Columbia and ultimately freed almost 3,000 slaves in Washington. Celebrate with a parade and other events, and read the transcript of the bill here.
Lincoln's second inauguration
The Day Abraham Lincoln Was Re-Inaugurated: An Amazing Old Photo
Relive history with this amazing old photo from 1865 - the day that Abraham Lincoln was re-inaugurated as President of the United States. View the incredible details and learn about the location of this historic event.
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A GoDCer's Fascinating Family History Involving Abraham Lincoln
A GoDCer shares an interesting story about their family history, which is connected to Abraham Lincoln. Read about the long search for a newspaper article and the fascinating connection to the 16th President.
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A Striking Portrait of Lewis Powell: The Man Who Tried to Kill Secretary of State William Seward
This portrait of Lewis Powell captures the likeness of the man who tried to kill Secretary of State William Seward in 1865. It's a powerful reminder of the human dimension of history and the power of images to evoke the past.
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The Leg of Col. Ulric Dahlgren: A Civil War Mystery at the Navy Yard
Discover the remarkable story of Col. Ulric Dahlgren, wounded in the Civil War and commemorated with a plaque at the Navy Yard. Learn how his leg ended up in a parking garage and the history of the building since then.

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