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Rockville MD

1887 map of Rockville

1887 Map of Rockville

Check out this 1887 map of a much smaller Rockville. This was way back when Grover Cleveland was the U.S. President, and just about two decades since the Civil War. Source: Library of Congress This is what the same area...
The Explorer Restaurant advertisement

The Explorer Restaurant in Rockville

Anybody remember this place? This is an old ad that we dug up from The Washington Post in 1967. Three bucks for dinner!
map of Rockville in 1879

Map of Rockville in 1879

We are very much obsessed with old maps. I think it’s safe to say that the bulk of you are as well. And here is another one to obsess over, especially for the GoDCers out in Montgomery County (do you...
Rockville, Maryland

Why Is It Named Montgomery County?

Some GoDCers (probably quite a few) live just across the District line in Montgomery County. But, how many of you know the etymology of the county? We should probably do one of these for every county in the area, just...
Georgetown University football team in 1927 (source:

Georgetown Football Victory Wins Bride for Student

That football bet story, uncovered in the last post, about Marjorie Morris is too good not to look into, and sure enough, there’s an article about it titled “Hilltop Football Victory Wins Bride for Student.” Below is the Washington Post...
ROCKVILLE! The Sunday Herald advertisement

Rockville! The Washington Monument Is Plainly Visible From Its Highest Points

Check this out … a great old advertisement from 1890 in The Sunday Herald. See the Washington Monument from Rockville? Wow. Related articles Move to Cathedral Highlands: An Unobstructed View of the Entire Surrounding Country ( Love the Blog? Get a...
Georgetown view in 1801

John Adams Makes Washington, D.C. Official Capital

Why is Washington, DC the capital? John Adams rode from Philadelphia to DC over an entire week. Read the story of his full journey.