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Fort Stevens in 1864
Civil War Reaches Tennallytown
The Civil War reached the outer edges of Washington in 1864. It was so close that President Lincoln rode near the front lines of Fort Stevens and came under fire.
Exploring an 1894 Map of Tennallytown and Reno
Take a look at this fascinating 1894 map of Tennallytown and Reno, done by G.M. Hopkins & Co. We'll point out a few things of note and invite you to share what else you notice. Happy Friday!
A History of Tennallytown: From 1903 Map to Google Map
Take a journey through time with this fascinating post about the history of Tennallytown. From a 1903 map to a modern-day Google Map, you won't want to miss this fascinating post.
Phil Portlock)
Recalling the Metro Construction on Wisconsin Ave. During the 1970s
Take a trip back in time to the 1970s and learn about the construction of the Metro along Wisconsin Avenue. We've dug up an old Washington Post article from 1978 and a great diagram!
Naked wild man
The Mysterious Wild Man of Tenleytown in 1894
Read about the mysterious wild man of Tenleytown in 1894. Descriptions of the individual were lacking, but sightings of a half-nude crazy man were happening across the area. Find out what happened when the wild man walked into the police station!
Tenleytown Metro
Why Is It Named Tenleytown?
Tenleytown was at one point called Tennallytown and Tenallytown. What's the origin of the neighborhood's name? Learn more.
Exploring Upper Northwest Washington in 1892 Through a U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Map
Check out this awesome U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey map from 1892 showing a very rural upper northwest Washington. Take a journey back in time and explore this topographic map of the area surrounding what is now Tenleytown!
1927 ad for Standard Plumbing Fixtures
Washington Post Reports Plumbing Fixtures Stolen From Vacant Houses in 1927
Read this article from the Washington Post printed in 1927 about the theft of plumbing fixtures valued at $1,150 from vacant houses. Learn about the stolen items and the B. F. Saul real estate firm's role in the investigation.
1907 Baist map of North Cleveland Park
Exploring the Never-Built Traffic Circle of North Cleveland Park and Tenleytown
Take a journey through North Cleveland Park and Tenleytown to uncover the story of the never-built traffic circle at the intersection of Tilden, Idaho, and Reno. Plus, explore all the undeveloped plots of land in the area.
North Cleveland Park homes for sale
North Cleveland Park Homes for Sale in 1927
Homes for sale on Veazey Street in North Cleveland Park.

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