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History of Washington’s Suburbs

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This is a great old map of the Washington area from 1961 showing all the real estate developments as featured by The Washington Post. We transcribed all 57 neighborhoods and their brief descriptions below. It’s quaint to read all the listings and the directions provided to get to the subdivisions. Remember reading directions or maps to get somewhere? Even printing Mapquest directions seems antiquated. Thanks to Google Maps and Waze, we’re never lost right? Or are we always lost with no sense of direction?

map of real estate developments around Washington in 1961 (source: Washington Post)

For some historical context of what was happening when this was published on September 9th, 1961. President Kennedy was in the first year of his administration, and in April, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin had been the first human launched into space to orbit Earth. The following month, Kennedy gave a speech to Congress where he proposed putting a man on the moon before the decade was out.

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The population of the entire Washington region was about 1.8 million, with about 760,000 living inside the District. The population today is about 5.4 million with 692,000 inside Washington, DC. A dollar in 1961 is the equivalent of about $9.32 today, so a $25,000 home is about $233,000 today. All the homes in the subdivisions listed below are way beyond that today, and I’d guess more like $750,000 to maybe somewhere in the $2 million range for some.

1. West Springfield

Built and for sale by Edward R. Carr, Inc. Six model homes furnished. Priced from $24,500. To reach: out Shirley hwy. to the Springfield cloverleaf, turn right into Keene Mill rd. and go 1 1/2 miles to West Springfield entrance on left.

2. Tilden Woods

A new community of homes being built in Bethesda by Community Builders. Four model homes being completed and furnished. A Forecast Home development. Sales by I. L. Lewis Associates. Prices to start about $26,000. To reach: on Montrose rd. between Wisconsin ave. and 70-S (old 240).

3. Kingswood

A new subdivision of air-conditioned homes in Prince Georges County; built by Wagman Construction Corp., with sales by I. L. Lewis. Several furnished models. Priced in the low $20,000-bracket. To reach: out Baltimore-Washington pkwy. to Riverdale rd. exit, right on Riverdale to Auburn ave., left to Good luck rd. and right to Kingswood; or out University blvd. to Greenbelt rd., left to Kenilworth ave., right to Good Luck rd. and left to Kingswood models.

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4. Village Square

A new section of Kemp Mill Estates built by Kay Construction Co., with sales by I. L. Lewis. Furnished models, some with Colonial styling. Prices begin just under $23,000. To reach: out Colesville rd. to Four Corners, left on University blvd. to Kemp Mill Estates; or out Georgia ave. through Wheaton to Arcola ave. and right on Arcola to Kemp Mill.

5. Kings Park

An entirely new subdivision of Forecast Homes built in Northern Virginia by Richmarr Construction Corp. Five furnished model homes; sales by Routh Robbins. Prices begin in the low $20,000-bracket. To reach: out Shirley hwy. to Route 236 and right on 236 to Annandale; left on Ravensworth rd. one mile to Braddock rd. and right on Braddock two miles to Kings park on left.

6. Dunn Loring Woods

A community of new Yeonas-built homes in Northern Virginia. Furnished models, with sales by the Yeonas firm. Prices begin at $17,900. To reach: Route 7 from Washington through Falls Church, left on Dunn Loring rd. to first fork and the night on Cedar lane to Yeonas model homes.

Here’s a great old newspaper clipping we found on the opening of Stenwood Elementary in 1964. Read more about the school on their website.

7. Marumsco

Continuing development of new model of homes built near Woodbridge, Va., by the Hylton Construction firm. A number of model homes, with prices beginning at $13,365. Sales are by the builder’s own Marumsco firm. Directions: South on Shirley hwy. or U.S. 1 to Woodbridge and 3/4 mile past traffic light in Woodbridge and turn right at Marumsco sign.

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Here’s a great photo we found of Marumsco Plaza from 1967.

Marumsco Plaza in 1967. Source: reddit user heptyne

8. Langley Estates

New homes on half-acre lots in the McLean area. Built by M.T. Broyhill and Sons, these homes are priced from $31,450, with three models available with up to five bedrooms. Model home furnished by Colony House. Sales by the Broyhill realty firm. To reach: over Key bridge, and right on the Parkway along river to Rte. 123 exit, use 123 almost to Salona Village shopping center; right on Churchill rd. to model homes.

9. Dumbarton-on-the-Potomac

Class Colonial homes built by Keen Homes, Inc. off Mount Vernon pkwy. Up to six bedrooms and air conditioned. Prices are in the low and mid-$20,000 bracket. To reach: south from the 14th st. bridge on the Mount Vernon pkwy. to Stratford la. (about 7 miles south of Alexandria). Turn right on Stratford to the sales office.

10. Loch Lomond Village

Seven models built and offered by Cecil Hylton’s Thrifty Homes Sales, Inc. near historic Manassas. Priced from $11,025. To reach: over Memorial bridge, take Route 50 to Fairfax, on Route 29-211 to Centreville, left on Route 28 at town traffic light and go four miles to Loch Lomond sign at two gas stations; turn right and follow signs to Village and furnished model homes.

11. Seabrook Park Estates

A new community of homes by Ambo M Inc. at Lanham, Md. Several new models. Priced from $16,000. Directions :out Route 50 (Defense hwy.) to model homes about a mile beyond Lanham.

12. Rock Creek Highlands

Built and sold by Cooley Construction Co., just north of Chevy Chase and bordering the park. Different model choices in the custom group priced from $33,250. To reach: from Chevy Chase Circle, out Connecticut ave. past Jones Bridge rd. to Culver st. (first st. beyond Rock Creek bridge) and left on Culver to model homes.

13. Hillcrest Heights

New models built and sold by Norbeth Homes in the Prince Georges section just southeast of the District. Furnished models of ramblers and bi-levels shown. To reach: out Pennsylvania ave. se. or Suitland pkwy. to Branch ave. and right on Branch to Iverson st., and right Iverson to 22d st. one block to Colebrooke and left to models.

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14. Potomac Falls

A development of country estate homes by W.C. and A.N. Miller Development Co., with sales by the builder. To see one of these large homes, drive out River rd. to Potomac Village, go left on Falls rd. 1 1/2 miles to the Potomac Falls entrance and right to the open sign.

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15. Sumner

A continuing development of modern homes built and sold by W.C. and A.N. Miller Development Co. These homes can be seen and inspected by driving out Massachusetts ave. nw. and going about 3/4 mile beyond the District line to the Sumner entrance, left on Fort Sumner dr. to Overlea rd. and right to 5911 Overlea and the model home.

Below is the model home today using Google Street View.

16. Spring Valley

Another community of fine homes built and sold by W.C. and A.N. Miller Development Co. The model in this section features three bedrooms and three baths and the style of a Williamsburg townhouse. To reach: out Massachusetts ave. to 49th st. nw. and lefty to Upton st. nw. and right to 52d st. and right to Upton terr. and model home at 5208 Upton.

Here is a view of the model home on today’s Google Street View.

17. Victoria Park

A new community of homes by DiMaio Bros Inc. in Montgomery County. As many as five bedrooms, with several models being shown by salesmen of T.N. Lerner. Prices begin at $20,990. To reach: out Biers Mill rd. to Aspen Hill rd., right on Aspen Hill to Arctic ave. and left to model homes; or, out Georgia ave. to Aspen Hill rd., left to Arctic and right to models.

18. Ravensworth Farm

Popular Northern Virginia homes built by Crestwood Construction and sold by Crestwood Realty. Several furnished models, with prices beginning at $16,750. To reach: out Shirly hwy. to Lincolnia (Rte. 236) and right to Annandale, left on Ravensworth rd. and right on Braddock rd. 1/4 mile to models; or out Shirley hwy. to Edsall rd. and then to Back Lick rd., right on Back Lick to Braddock and left on Braddock two miles to homes.

19. River Bend

Homes built on a knoll overlooking the Potomac by I.C. Murray Jr. Building sites from $6000 and homes from $26,500. To reach: cross S. Capitol st. bridge, out out Indian Head hwy, past Eastover shopping center and Continue to Oxon Hill rd. traffic lifhgt; right to River Bend, where there are schools, shopping and transportation.

20. Murray Hill Estates

Another subdivision of models planned, built and for sale by I.C. Murray Jr. Several models being shown. To reach: over S. Capitol st. bridge and continue on Indian Head hwy. past Oxon Hill rd. to Murray Hill Estates on the left.

21. Randolph Hills

A new section of homes in a large, subdivision of Perlmutter Sales Co.–near Rock Creek Park in Montgomery County. Model home furnished, with prices beginning at $16,750. To reach: out Georgia ave. and left on Viers Mill rd. to third traffic light (Randolph rd.), left on Randolph and follow signs to models; or out Wisconsin ave. 3 1/2 miles past Naval Hospital and right on Randolph to models.

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22. Old Farm

The newest development of fine Montgomery County homes by Kettler Brothers Inc., with three furnished homes, by Craft Shop, being shown. Priced in the $30,000 class. Sales by District-Maryland Realty. To reach: out Rockville pike or U.S. 70S to Montrose rd., between the pike and 70S.

23. Cohasset

A community of five homes now being completed by Kettler Bros. Inc. in Montgomery County. Priced from $37,000, with the builder doing the selling. To reach: out River rd. to Wilson lane and turn right to homes.

24. Falls Hill

A community of beautiful homes built and sold by Kettler Brothers Inc. in Fairfax County. One model furnished by Julie and Bob Sherman. Priced from $33,650. To reach: north on Route 7 and go 1.6 miles from the intersection with Lee hwy. in Falls Church, to George Mason High School, left on Dale dr. (Falls Hill entrance sign) and follow Kettler signs to model home.

Here’s an original map from the first Falls Hill directory in 1961. We found this at Falls Hill history.

25. Barcroft Woods

Another community of fine Kettler Brothers’ homes in Northern Virginia. Two homes furnished by Mayer and Co., with prices beginning at $39,000. To reach: out Columbia pike to Sleepy Hollow rd. and through the Jeffersonian Gates; approach from either Seven Corners or Columbia pike.

26. Cherry Valley Estates

A section of rural Montgomery County homes being developed, built and sold by Ettie Development. Models can be seen by driving out Georgia ave., through Wheaton and beyond Manor Club to Cherry Valley Estates. It’s on the site of a former polo grounds beyond Olney.

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27. Ivy Crest

Several models of fine split-levels and Colonials. Prices are in the mid-$30,000 bracket, with building by Crest Development Corp. and sales by Hicks Realty. Model home decorated. To reach: out Shirley hwy. and right on Arlington Ridge rd. to 22d st., and right to models; or, south on U.S. 1 to 23d st., right to Arlington Ridge rd., right to 22d st. and left to Ivy Crest.

28. Westgate

A community of attractive, Coloninal style homes near Mount Vernon. These four, five and six-bedroom homes are built by John R. Minchew. Models are furnished. To reach: over 14th st bridge and through Alexandria on Mount Vernon pkwy. and continue to Mount Vernon circle; around circle to Route 235 and south to end of Mount Vernon brick wall, left to Westgate.

29. Georgetown Hill

A new development of Montgomery County homes being readied for public inspection. Sales by T.N. Lerner. Directions: out Wisconsin ave. and one mile beyond National Institutes of Health, bear left on U.S. 70S (old Route 24) and take second exit to Montrose rd., west on Montrose and 1 block to Seven Locks’ rd. to model homes, or, out Connecticut ave. past Jones Bridge rd., left on Route 240 and continue to Montrose rd. exit.

30. Sugarland Heights

Homes in Northern Virginia by J.D. Williams. Several models being shown from $17,250, with sales by United Properties Inc. To reach: from Seven Corners west on Route 7 to Brown’s Chapel rd., left on Route 606 to Van Buren st. right to Park ave., and right one block to Grand and the open signs at Herndon.

31. College Knolls

This suburban development by Charlton Heights Construction is located in Prince Georges County in the University of Maryland area. Model homes furnished. Priced from $22,500. Sales by Realty Service. To reach: north on new Kenilworth ave. to College Park, left to Calvert rd., 100 feet; right on Edmonston rd., and follow signs to College Knolls open house. Located on Edmonston rd., between Calvert and Greenbelt rd.

32. Holly Hills

A subdivision of attractive homes built by Michnick Brothers near Annandale, Va. There are furnished model homes, with prices starting at $21,900. To reach: use Shirley hwy. to Columbia pike and follow pike seven miles to Gallows rd., Annandale, right and go one-third mile to furnished models. Sales by Routh Robbins.

33. Valleywood

A subdivision featuring a 48-foot-long rancher with a covered porch. Built by DiMaio Bros. Inc., with sales by T.N. Lerner. Priced in the $15,000 range. To reach: across E. Capitol st. bridge and past 49th st. and right into Central ave. (Rt. 214) and on Central ave. 1 1/2 miles past D.C. line to 78th st., left and straight ahead to Valleywood Ranch.

34. Park View

A subdivision of new all-brick homes built and sold by Perlmutter Sales Corp. Prices begin at $19,950a for these completely air-conditioned ramblers within walking distance of schools. To reach: Take University blvd. west from Four Corners to Eisner st. and turn right and continue to end of Eisner and turn right on Cavalier to Lombardy and then left to Park View sign and homes.

35. Waynewood

Lovely Colonial homes built by Clarence W. Gosnell Inc. and sold by Monroe Realtors. Model home is furnished. Priced in the $30,000 class. Overlooking the Potomac River. To reach: use Mount Vernon pkwy. beyond airport. Waynewood on right just 5.3 miles beyond Hunting Tower apartments.

36. Roundtree

Homes featuring indoor-outdoor living, built by Mar-Built Homes Inc., with sales by William Fairchild Real Estate. Priced in the mid-$20,000 bracket. To reach: out Arlington blvd. to Seven Corners, left to Sleepy Hollow rd. right on Valleybrook to Slade Run dr., left to Roundtree, or, out Columbia pike, right on Sleepy Hollow, left on Valleybrook, left on Slade Run dr., to Roundtree.

37. Charred Oak Estates

Contemporary homes built in the near Bethesda area by Cook Enterprises Inc., with sales by Bethesda Realty Co. These homes priced in the mid-$30,000 bracket are located on large wooded lots. To reach: go out Bradley blvd. to Seven Locks rd., and left half a mile to model homes on right.

38. Rollinswood

Distinctive homes in lower $20,000 bracket and built by Polinger in the Bethesda area. Several models being shown. Sales by I.L. Lewis. To reach: out Wisconsin ave. past NIH to Montrose rd., and left on Monstrose to Evelyn dr., right on Evelyn to models.

39. Foxhall

A new community of homes being developed beyond Wheaton by Colt Development Corp. Model homes being completed and furnished for grand opening. To reach: out Georgia ave., beyond Wheaton to 12900 block of Georgia ave.

40. Carriage Park West

A community of attractive homes developed by Dunston near the Four Corners area of Montgomery County. Furnished models being shown by I.L. Lewis, with prices from the low $20,000 bracket. To reach: out Colesville rd. to Four Corners, left on University blvd. to Carriage Park West.

41. Wheaton Springs

A new community of homes with modern features built by William Cafritz Development Corps., with sales by T.N. Lerner and interior by Woodward and Lothrop. Priced from $20,290. To reach: out Georgia ave., beyond Wheaton to Aspen Hill rd. left to Wheaton Springs; or, out Viers Mill rd. to Parkland dr., right to Aspen Hill rd. right to Wheaton Springs.

42. Sunny Ridge Estates

A community of modestly priced homes built by Hy-Lou Construction in the Alexandria area. Priced at $18,250, with sales by T.N. Lerner. To reach: Shirley hwy. to Springfield-Franconia rd. 1 1/2 miles to Sunny Rdige, 3 3/4 miles to Sunny Ridge Estates on right. Or, from Alexandria west on Duke st., left on Telegraph rd. to Franconia, right on Franconia 1 1/2 miles to Sunny Ridge Estates.

43. Winslow Woods

A new community of homes built by Wills & Van Metre in Northern Virginia. Sales by T.N. Lerner. Several furnished models being shown. Priced at $16,900 to $18,990. To reac: out Shirley hwy. to Springfield exit, lefty on Franconia rd. about three miles to Winslow Woods on left.

44. Kenbrook Woods

A community of air-conditioned homes in the Silver Spring area by Butler-Wilder Inc., with sales by I.L. Lewis. Furnished models being shown, with prices from $22,990. To reach: out Georgia ave. to University blvd., right on University to Kemp Mill rd., left to Kenbrook dr., and right to models; or, out Georgia, beyond Wheaton to Arcola ave., and right to Kemp Mill rd. to Kenbrook dr., and left to models.

45. Pohick Forest

A subdivision of homes in Northern Virginia by Maywood Building Corps., with sales by Wellington Realty. Priced from $16,500. Model homes being shown. To reach: south on U.S. 1, past Ft. Belvoir to Pohick Church rd., right on Pohick (Rte. 638) to Pohick Forest and follow signs to homes.

46. Fairfax Towne Estates

A community of nice homes near the site of the new George Mason College. Priced from $20,750. Several models shown by Austin D. Thompson Realty. To reach: out Route 50 to Fairfax Circle, Route 237 to traffic light in Fairfax, one block to Sager ave., right on Barbour dr., and right on Cleveland to University dr. and open house signs.

47. Carrollton

A new Westbrier community of popular homes built by Suburban Homes Inc., and sold by Carrollton Realty. Prices begin at $17,300, with several model homes furnished. To reach: out New York ave. to Baltimore-Washington pkwy., right on Riverdale rd. one mile, and first home on left past the Westbrier sign.

48. Woodhaven

A subdivision of fine homes in the Bethesda area by Smoot Levick Construction Corp., with sales by Andris Realty Inc. Model homes furnished. Priced from $32,990. To reach: out Wisconsin ave. to Bradley blvd., and left one mile to Wilson la., left past Landon School to Whittier blvd. and Woodhaven sign on right–follow signs to homes.

49. Walbrooke Manor

A community of homes built in Prince Georges County by Walbrooke Construction Corp. Sales by national Capital Real Estate. Models furnished by Jacmar. Prices in the mid-$20,000 bracket. To reach: out Baltimore-Washington pkwy. to Greenbelt exit and right on Glendale rd. and 1 1/2 miles to Cipriano rd., and right a mile to Good Luck rd., and right one block to model home.

50. Chandon

A community of homes in Northern Virginia. Built by Joseph L. Geeraert, the developer of Twinbrook in Maryland. Prices start at $15,900 at Chandon, located at herndon, Va. Models furnished by Dee; Henry Corbin has the sales. To reach: take Key bridge, George Washington pkwy. and Route 123 through McLean to Tysons Corner, right on Route 7 to Brown’s Chapel, left on Route 606 to Herndon; or, from Falls Church, use Route 7 to Brown’s Chapel rd., and left to Herndon.

51. Connecticut Crest

A Silver Spring area development of homes by Housing Development Corp. Furnished model homes being showns, priced from $22,900. Sales by Manovill Realty Corp. To reach: out Georgia ave. to Viers Mill rd., and left on Viers Mill to Bushey dr., and right on Bushey to Elby and left to furnished models.

52. Springbrook Knolls

A development of homes built and sold in suburban Maryland by Duffie Inc. One model being shown, but others are available. To reach: out New Hampshire ave. to Colesville rd., under Route 29 overpass and out Colesville rd. half a mile to Springbrook Knolls sign on right.

53. English Manor

A new section of this community in Montgomery County. The builder is Naham Construction, with sales by T.N. Lerner. Model homes are furnished. Priced from $21,490. To reach: out Georgia ave. beyond Wheaton to English Manor sign, and left to three furnished models; or, from Four Corners or Langley Park, out University blvd. to Georgia ave., and right to signs.

54. Maryknoll

A new group of custom homes built by Cooley Construction Co. in Bethesda Sales by the builder. Priced from $34,990. To reach: out Wisconsin ave. to River rd. (at Sears), and left on River rd. past Kenwood Country Club to Wilson la., and right on Maryknoll ave. and left to Fulbright ct. and furnished model home.

55. Westgate

A new community of homes in Prince Georges County by Geeraert Construction. Models are furnished by Dee. Prices start at $15,900 and sales are by Henry Corbin. To reach: out Route 50 (Defense hwy.) and half a mile past Lanham to marked site of models.

56. Hillandale Gardens

A medium-sized subdivision of air-conditioned ramblers, split levels and split foyers built by Allen Engineering, with sales by N.S. Bryer. There are four furnished models. Prices bein at $20,250. To reach: out New Hampshire ave. past Langley Park to Hillandale Shopping center; right at Safeway on Powder Mill Rd. and approximately a mile to Knollwood dr., and right one block to flower-banked community entrance.

57. Bel Pre Woods

The beginning of a 900-home community being built above Wheaton by L.G. Meltzer Associates Inc. Five model homes are furnished for showing. Sales are by Colonial Mortgage Co. Prices. range fro m$23,150 to $24,990. To reach: out Georgia ave., through Wheaton and just past Vitro plant to Bel Pre Woods entrance on left.

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