Why Is It Named Centreville?

This is an interesting, though somewhat obvious origin of a town’s name: Centreville.

The town (it was originally Centerville) was established in 1792, near the intersection of present day Lee Highway and Sully Road. At the time, it was a village named Newgate. Originally, the town was within the boundary of Loudoun County, becoming a part of Fairfax County in 1798 when the boundaries were adjusted.

Centreville during the Civil War
Centreville during the Civil War

Source: Documentarist

Local landowners had petitioned the Virginia General Assembly to establish the town as the center point between the more established towns: Alexandria, Colchester, Dumfries, Middleburg, Georgetown, Warrenton, and Leesburg. Take a look at the Google Map of all the towns below, with Centreville in the middle.