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Tag: Hillcrest Heights MD

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Exploring Hillcrest Heights in 1959: A Real Estate Advertisement from T.N. Lerner (AKA Ted Lerner)
Explore Hillcrest Heights in 1959 with a vintage real estate advertisement from none other than Ted Lerner. Check out the Google Map to see how the neighborhood has changed over the past 60 years. #HillcrestHeights #1950s #TedLerner
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Real Estate Ads from Marlow Heights and Hillcrest Heights in 1955
Take a look back at real estate ads from Marlow Heights and Hillcrest Heights in the Eisenhower years of 1955. This advertisement offers a glimpse into the past of these two neighborhoods in Washington, DC.
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Expanding our Reach: Ghosts of DC Looks at Hillcrest Heights
We're expanding our reach at Ghosts of DC! Check out this real estate advertisement from Hillcrest Heights, Maryland, just outside the District border on Southern Ave. Se. Send us your suggestions for other neighborhoods and communities to explore!
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