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President McKinley and the 1901 Inauguration Parade
Explore the 1901 Inauguration Parade of President McKinley! Learn more about the parade, its participants and a photo of McKinley from the same year riding through the streets of Oakland in this look back in history!
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Reading the Sunday Morning Globe from September 22nd, 1901 – President McKinley Assassinated 8 Days Prior
Take a journey back in time and read the Sunday Morning Globe from September 22nd, 1901. Just eight days earlier, President William McKinley had been assassinated and his Vice President, Teddy Roosevelt, was inaugurated as the youngest President.
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Who is POTUS 25? An über History Geek Test with Photos from the Library of Congress
If you know off the top of your head who POTUS 25 is, you are an über history geek! Take the quiz and enjoy the Library of Congress photos below. Test your knowledge now!
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Old Ebbitt Grill History
What is the history of Washington's famous Old Ebbitt Grill? It was founded in 1856 as the city's first saloon.
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Hawaiian ex-Queen Liliʻuokalani Comes to Washington
Hawaiian ex-Queen Liliʻuokalani brings her spirit of aloha to Washington, captivating hearts with her grace and resilience. A tale of royalty and cultural heritage unfolds.
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Witnessing History: A Silent Film of President William McKinley Shot by Thomas Edison in 1901
Witness history in this incredible silent film of President William McKinley, shot by Thomas Edison in 1901 at the Capitol. Thanks to the Library of Congress, we can see what life was like over a hundred years ago!
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