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This Fascinating Old Photograph Shows the Washington Nationals Playing at Swampoodle Grounds in the 1880s
This old photograph from the 1880s shows the Washington Nationals playing at Swampoodle Grounds. Click on the image to see amazing details. Source: Architect of the Capitol.
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The Colorful Story of Morris Connors and the Lost Neighborhood of Swampoodle
Learn the colorful story of Morris Connors, a notorious Swampoodle thief and rough, as we explore the lost neighborhood of Swampoodle. We uncovered the article in The Washington Post, printed on October 20th, 1879. Come along on this journey of historical context and facts!
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The 1861 View From The Capitol Roof: A Look North
Take a look at the 1861 view from the Capitol roof! This post looks at the sites visible from Washington, DC in 1861, including the ghostly, blurred waving American flag in the center. Source: Library of Congress.
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An Unforgettable View of Washington, D.C. During the Civil War
Get an unforgettable view of Washington, D.C. during the Civil War. Take a glimpse at Douglas Hospital, Old Douglas House, Railway Station, The Washington, or Wilkes House, St. Aloysius, Government Printing Office, Glenwood Cemetery, Swampoodle, and the Old Mill.
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Check Out the 1903 Map of Swampoodle With Proposed Union Station Superimposed Over the Neighborhood
Take a look at the 1903 map of Swampoodle with the proposed Union Station superimposed over the neighborhood. See how some of the street names have been recycled in different neighborhoods. Make sure to compare this to the 1888 map as well.
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Exploring the History of Swampoodle and Union Station in DC
Discover the history of Swampoodle, a rough and tumble Irish neighborhood in DC, and how it was destroyed to make way for Union Station in the early 1900s. Explore the 1888 Sanborn fire insurance map of Swampoodle with Ghosts of DC.
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New Gonzaga College Advertisement in the Washington Times - August 31st, 1913
Read about the history of Gonzaga College and their 1913 advertisement in the Washington Times. Learn more about the Jesuits' persistence and the school's current status as the premier Catholic high school of Washington.
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Exploring the Streets of Swampoodle in 1895: A Column From the Washington Post
Take a step back in time to 1895 and explore the rough Irish immigrant neighborhood of Swampoodle. Read a column from the Washington Post that tells the story of three locals who boozed until the wee hours of the morning.
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