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1921 map of Trinidad
Why Is It Named Trinidad?
Do you know why we have a neighborhood named after a Caribbean island? Find out how it's related to today's George Washington University too.
1907 map of Gallaudet University
Exploring the Area Around Union Market and Gallaudet University in 1907
Take a journey back in time to 1907 with this map showing the area around Union Market and Gallaudet University. Learn more with this exploration of the past!
1320 Florida Ave. NE - the Sprinkle family home
They Were Neighbors: Officer Sprinkle Lived Here
To satisfy your hunger for more Officer Sprinkle, I took a look into where he lived in 1900. At the time, he was 34 years old, had been married to his wife Teresa for 10 years and had been working for the Washington police force for the same amount of time. The Sprinkle family lived at 1320 Florida Ave. NE, in the Trinidad neighborhood, just outside of the boundary of old Washington city. Zillow states that the home was built in 1900, although the accuracy of that is debatable because I came across...

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