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When Did the President Start Using a Helicopter?
Check out the video of the landing tests they performed on the White House South Lawn in 1957.
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Reliving a Special Moment: President Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth in a Lincoln Cosmopolitan, 1957
Relive a special moment in history with this wonderful old photo of President Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth in a Lincoln Cosmopolitan in 1957. See the three photos taken that day here.
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Check Out These Photos of Life in DC from January 20th, 1953
Take a trip down memory lane and explore the history of DC with these amazing photos from January 20th, 1953. See what life was like in the city decades ago with Ghosts of DC!
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President Eisenhower's Heart Attack and Return to Washington in 1956
In September 1955, President Eisenhower suffered a heart attack while visiting Denver and spent seven weeks recovering. In February 1956, he and the First Lady returned to Washington, greeted by Vice President Nixon, President Hoover, and a cheering crowd. Later in 1956, Eisenhower was reelected to a second term.
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The Amusing Story of the U.S. and Japan's 1960 State Dinner at the White House
In September 1960, the U.S. and Japan celebrated 100 years of diplomatic relations with a state dinner at the White House. Read the amusing story of the night, including 4-year-old Mary Jean's detour and the priceless antique chair.
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Girl Padlocks White House Gates; Locks Eisenhower Inside
Angeline Cliett with Rep. Clark Thompson (D-Tex) – July 23rd, 1958 (Daytona Beach Morning Journal) You know how bad it sucks to accidentally lock yourself out of your house. How about when you’re locked in and your home is the White House? Well, that actually happened to President Eisenhower. Here is an amusing article from the Baltimore Sun on August 2nd, 1958. Washington, Aug. 1...
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The Incredible Story of Dwight Eisenhower’s Inaugural Train Wreck at Union Station
Relive the incredible story of the train wreck that occurred at Union Station just days before Dwight Eisenhower's inauguration in 1953. Miraculously, no fatalities occurred, but the station was left in shambles. Learn the amazing recovery story!
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Exploring the History of Poplar Point and the Anacostia Flats
Discover the history of Poplar Point and the Anacostia Flats and learn what important events occurred here involving a future president. Read about the Bonus Army and the Summer of 1932 and Proposed Stadium Site. Plus, learn about Bolling Field opens for air mail.
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The Earliest Surviving Color Videotape of the President of the United States
On May 22nd, 1958, the earliest surviving color videotape of the President of the United States was filmed and broadcast from the WRC-TV studios in Washington. Watch the video and learn more about this historic moment!
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Pan Am's First Passenger Jet to Europe (1958)
Aviation has a strong history in the Washington area. Following on the heels of our last aeronautical first (Concorde at Dulles), here is another first for the region and the country. In the fall of 1958, Pan Am (i.e., the planet’s largest and coolest airline) was getting set to inaugurate their transatlantic passenger jet service. The four-engined Boeing 707 was to go through a christening...
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John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address: An Analysis of One of the Most Powerful Speeches of All Time
An in-depth look at one of the most powerful and important inaugural addresses of all time. Read the text or watch the full speech to see why this is something worth watching in its entirety. Includes a famous quote, start watching at 13:45.
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