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Wait, Andre the Giant tried out for the Washington Redskins? Did that really happen? You have to read more to find out the story.
Screenshot from 2023-01-27 21-40-30
This series of maps shows property values, pavement times, public schools, railroads, street sweeping schedules and more. Don't miss these incredible...
What a lovely old photo of the Smithsonian Castle in 1856. Click on it for incredible details. “Record Unit 95, Box 30, Folder 8”
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An incredible map of Washington well before the Civil War. Lovely details for you to study.
Oak View - home of President Cleveland - Oct. 3, 1897
What is today Cleveland Park was an area for well-off Washingtonians to build their summer cottages. It was far enough away from swampy hot downtown...
President Roosevelt at NIH
This is some great old footage of FDR dedicating the NIH back in 1940. Thanks to GoDCer Jeff for sending this in a while ago. It was originally...
1932 Washington Post apartment listings
Check out rental priced in Washington from 1932. This is going to make you feel bad about what you're paying today.
D.C. cab fars in 1947
How cool is this article from The Washington Post, printed on March 13th, 1947.  These are the rates for taxi cabs taken from D.C....
Autumn Brides - October 19th, 1915
Here’s a cool page from the newspaper in 1915. This was printed in The Washington Times on October 19th, of that year. Autumn Brides –...
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May 1st, 1760
May 1st, 1760 Check out this extremely old notice in the Maryland Gazette, published in Annapolis on May 1st, 1760. Evidently, an indentured...
1906 photo of the Government Printing Office
Thanks to the GoDC Editor-in-Chief Tom for letting me drop in and contribute again. I have a number of topics to tick off, so let’s get...
1854 train tickets
This is an old advertisement for railroad tickets between Washington, Baltimore and points west. A ticket from Washington to Cincinnati was $11,...
Giant Food in 1979
Wow, remember these days? It’s humorous looking at these prices. This is an advertisement from the Washington Post printed on June 25th,...
real estate listings - December 17th, 1877
real estate listings – December 17th, 1877 Source: Library of Congress We came across this advertisement in the December 17th, 1877 Evening...
Camp, Fort Totten
World War I photo of military camp near Fort Totten.
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1300 block of Corcoran St. NW
If you’re not a genealogy buff, you may not know this, but much of the 1890 U.S. Census was destroyed in a massive fire in January 1921....
Margaret Gorman in 1921 (Library of Congress)
You may not know this, but the First Miss America was a born and raised Washingtonian. The beauty pageant might be seen as completely irrelevant...
Department of Commerce, 15th St. side
Did you know the Commerce Department is built on top of an ancient pirate ghost river? Or that lost alligators once wandered the halls?
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