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Incredible Aerial View of Washington, D.C. in 1918
Check out this incredible aerial view of Washington, D.C. from 1918. Click on the image for a larger version to see some amazing details!
Service Station at 14th and Florida Captured in Historic 1924 Photo
Explore the 'Wasson Motor Check' offered by Havoline Oil Company in 1924 Washington, D.C. Discover the history in a photo at Texaco Station on Florida Ave and 14th St.
Take a Look at the Magazine Rack at National Airport in 1941
Take a look at a cool old photo of the magazine rack at National Airport when it opened in 1941. Plus, explore some more old photos and read three great stories from the airport!
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"Quite Pretty" Wife Catches "Fairly Good-Looking" Husband With Woman
A scene was enacted just outside the National Theatre last night at the close of the performance which may end in a divorce suit.
National Archives building in 1933
Revealed: Rare Photo of National Archives Building Before Its Construction in the 1930s
Explore the fascinating history of the National Archives building through a rare photo taken before its construction in the 1930s. Discover the building's original design and learn how it was transformed into the iconic structure that houses some of America's most important documents today.
Fascinating Maps of Washington DC You Wouldn't Initially Think Are Interesting
Explore these fascinating maps of Washington DC from 1885, which may not seem interesting to you at first, but are sure to draw your attention once you click on them and see the details.
Looking west on G Street NW from 13th Street showing the commercial buildings on the northwest corner of the intersection including the Church of the Epiphany.
This is What the Metro Center Area Looked Like in 1930
Take a look back in time at this photo of the Metro Center area in Washington, D.C. in 1930. Don't miss the Wilkins Coffee sign and a photo of Robert DeNiro's doppelganger from the same era.
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Notice the decked/tunneled section south of Fort Totten, then the over 90-degree turn to the east, then the decked/tunneled section between Galloway Street and Gallatin Street, with the Metrorail Glenmont Route (Red Line trains) following the North Central Freeway (I-95 south of Fort Totten and I-70S north of Fort Totten), and with the Metrorail Greenbelt Route (Green Line trains) following the Northeast Freeway (I-95 east of Fort Totten). The area between Galloway Street and Gallatin Street where the Northeast Freeway was proposed was mostly open fields then and still is now.
A Look Back at the 1971 Maps Showing I-95 Cutting Through D.C.
Take a look back at 1971 maps of what could have been I-95 cutting through D.C. Today, what is now 395, ends at New York Ave. NW. Get a glimpse into what could have been with these fascinating maps from 1971.
Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 5.18
Discovering Historic Apartment Listings From 1932 - How Many Buildings Do You Recognize?
Take a journey back in time with these 1932 apartment listings. See any buildings that you recognize, or maybe lived in? Add your commentary below and share your discoveries!
National Hotel
GoDCer Monica Sends in Postcard of National Hotel
GoDCer Monica has sent in a postcard of the National Hotel after we posted about the hotel the other day. Thanks Monica! #GhostsofDC #NationalHotel #Postcard
door frame within mill
Seneca Quarry in Montgomery County: A Must-Visit Area Ruin
Explore the abandoned 19th century Seneca Quarry in Maryland, which provided the iconic red sandstone for DC landmarks like the Smithsonian Castle.
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John W. Ross Elementary School
Who was John W. Ross? The Man Behind Ross Elementary School in Dupont Circle
Learn the story behind John W. Ross and the school named for him in Dupont Circle. Ross was a District Commissioner, Postmaster and lecturer at Georgetown University. Read about his life and legacy, including the original Ross School in Columbia Heights.
Army Officers at New Year reception, [Washington, D.C.], 1/1/25
Celebrating the New Year: A Look Back at a 1925 White House Reception
Celebrate the New Year with a look back at a 1925 White House reception. See a photo of a group of military officers visiting the White House 89 years ago today.
Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 8.56
A Rare View of the National Mall from Space: Captured by the IKONOS Satellite in 2001
Take a look at this rare view of the National Mall from space, captured by the IKONOS satellite on March 30th, 2001. See the amazing image here!
digging the Washington Monument foundation
A Glimpse Into the Past: Captured Images of the Construction of the Washington Monument
Take a look into the past with these captured images of the construction of the Washington Monument! See the foundation and the team at work digging it out.

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