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World War I Soldier Ogling Woman
Really Old Pre-Civil War Photo of Washington
1906 Map of All D.C. Boundary Stones
Which President Got a Speeding Ticket on a Horse?
Tysons Corner History, Formerly Peach Grove
Metro's 17-Foot Long "Experimental Station" in 1968
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Nourse House in 1947

Before Sidwell Friends: The Nourse House

This lovely photo is captioned as the Charles Joseph Nourse House in Tennallytown (read about the name’s history). This is the main administrative house today and it’s known as Zartman House. It’s a beautiful old farm house, originally constructed in 1827. Source: Library of Congress Here’s another view of the lovely home. Source: Library of […]

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Eaton School children in the 1910s

Why Is It Named? The D.C. Public Elementary School Edition.

We have seriously slowed down our posts because Ghost Baby is growing up, and there’s also Ghost Baby #2. So Mrs. Ghost and I are of course very interested in the D.C. public elementary school system. Being the local history nerd, I wanted to dig into the history of a few city schools to uncover […]

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The York Theatre in the 1920s

The York Theatre in Petworth

We came across an awesome old photo on Flickr of the York Theatre, sitting at 3640 Georgia Ave. NW, in Petworth, near the intersection with New Hampshire Ave. Source: Flickr user jbb23927 The theater opened on November 27th, 1919 and...

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National Bank of Washington--Louisiana Avenue--Central National Bank

National Bank of Washington in 1892

Here’s a beautiful old photograph of the National Bank of Washington back in 1892. Source: Library of Congress Both of the buildings in the above photo are still there today as shown in the Google Street View below at 7th...

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Richard Nixon's letter of resignation

Nixon’s Resignation Letter

Another great gem we dug up at the National Archives is this image of Richard Nixon’s resignation letter, initialed by Henry Kissinger at 11:35 a.m. on August 9th, 1974.

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Washington Post front page photo (1946)

Murder Victim Admitted His Interest in Men

This is a horrible story that I came across in the Washington Post. Read this in the context of it being the 1940s because it’s very disturbing. In early June of 1946, the murder of a Don Glendening was front-page...

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