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1950 Horizon-to-Horizon Photo of Washington
This is a cool photo of Washington taken by the U.S. Air Force using a horizon to horizon camera. Check it out. Washington, D.C., as seen by new Air Force horizon to horizon camera. Source: Library of Congress
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Take a Look Back in Time with this 1861 Photo of Washington, DC
Take a step back in time with this 1861 photo of Washington, DC. Click on it for a larger version and marvel at the history of our nation's capital! Source: Library of Congress.
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What Did D.C. Look Like in 1872?
Here’s a cool bird’s-eye view of the Capitol and the rest of Washington from 1872. Bird’s-eye view of Washington Source: Library of Congress
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Old Photos of Tysons Corner: From the Air, Parking Lots and Stores
Take a journey back in time with us and check out some old photos of Tysons Corner from the air, parking lots and stores. Click on the images for a larger version!
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A Stunning Look at Union Station in the 1920s
Take a look at this stunning photo of Union Station in the 1920s! Learn more about this amazing piece of history on GhostsofDC.org.
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A Rare Look at Washington, D.C. from Capitol Hill
Get a rare glimpse of Washington, D.C. from Capitol Hill with this historical photograph. The image features the Washington Jail, Aldrich's Wholesale Flour, Grain & Feed Warehouse, and more.
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Exploring Washington in the 1850s: Mapping Buildings, Roads, and Rural Property
Take a journey back in time to 1850s Washington with this detailed map which marks all the buildings, roads, and rural property owners. Discover fascinating large plots of land outside Boundary Street with this map from the Library of Congress.
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The Rise and Fall of The Gordon Hotel at 16th and I St. NW
Revisit the history of The Gordon Hotel, a once fashionable haunt of Congressmen and hero of Manila Bay, Admiral George Dewey. The hotel was built in 1885 and razed in 1959, making way for the Third Church of Christ, Scientist in downtown Washington, DC.
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Three Things We Miss About Old Saloons in Washington
We miss the days of old saloons in Washington. Here's a look at 3 saloons we'd love to visit again: J.J. O'Keefe's, The Indian and Oedekoven's. Learn more about each one and why we miss them.
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The 1950s Were The Glory Days for Maryland Football
So long ACC. Hello Big Ten. The University of Maryland’s final game in the Atlantic Coast Conference Saturday, a 41-21 win at North Carolina State, brought back vivid memories of the 1954 season when this writer first saw the Terps play at Byrd Stadium in College Park. 1954 University of Maryland football team Source: University of Maryland The date was Nov. 6, 1954 and opponent was NC State....
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Explore the History of Georgia Avenue Through an 1870s Photograph
Take a step back in time and explore the history of Georgia Avenue. Check out this 1870s photograph and learn more about the area with a deeper dive into the history of the road. Source: Park View DC.
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Donald Rumsfeld's Opinion Piece on Political Appointments to the Post Office Department
Relive the past and read Donald Rumsfeld's 1966 opinion piece on the removal of political appointments from the Post Office Department. Learn more about the 13th district Congressman from Illinois elected in 1962.
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Petworth Homes Sunday. Price and Location Unequaled!
Want to buy a home in Petworth for $8,950? You could have if you were reading The Washington Post on October 9th, 1927. Here’s an advertisement that proves it. Petworth advertisement
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Buick Motor Company in Washington DC
This Buick Motor Company ad from the October 4, 1913 edition of the Washington Times was too good not to post! The Buick Motor Company was located at 1028 Connecticut Ave, NW. Source: Library of Congress, Washington Times It reads: How are you going to deliver the goods? The telephone has made your delivery service the backbone of your business. Where there is life there is a limit of...
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Tragedy of the Sky: The Drowning of Charles Willis in 1920
In March of 1920, Charles Willis of Chicago was tragically drowned when his parachute jump from an army airplane went wrong. We explore the story of his death and the rescue efforts that followed.
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Where Can I Get a Sweet Outfit Like This? Exploring the Fashion of Georgetown University’s Track Team in 1901
Explore the fashion of Georgetown University's track team in 1901. Get inspired and find out where to get a similar outfit as the polished gentlemen in the photo.
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