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Cook & Stoddard Company: Cadillac's Glory Days in Downtown Washington
Learn the history of luxury automaker Cadillac's first major dealer showroom in downtown Washington DC. The Cook & Stoddard Company location on Connecticut Avenue was the go-to destination for politician bigwigs, businessmen, and auto enthusiasts to experience new Cadillac models in their prime from 1912 to the late 1920s.
Rosslyn City, the Brooklyn of Washington - 1889
Rosslyn City in 1889: The Vision of Becoming Washington's Brooklyn
Explore the 1889 ambition of Rosslyn City, touted as the "Brooklyn of Washington," and its emblematic journey of urban aspirations and challenges.
The Special Relationship: Margaret Thatcher's 1979 Visit to the United States
In 1979, Margaret Thatcher visited the United States for the first time to meet with President Jimmy Carter. Despite their differences, Thatcher's visit marked the beginning of a close and productive working relationship between the two leaders. Learn more about their "special relationship" here.
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When Did the Howard Theatre Open?
The Apollo in New York, the Pearl in Philadelphia, the Uptown in Baltimore, and the Howard Theatre in Washington were the preeminent African-American venues for stars like Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, and the big bands of the 1930s to rock and roll and the Motown sound.
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Exploring the Atlas District: A 1921 Map of Officer Sprinkle's Neighborhood
Explore the Atlas District of Washington, DC in 1921 with this map of Officer Sprinkle's neighborhood. Requested by GoDCer Vaughn. Enjoy!
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A Fascinating Series of Photos Taken by Carl Mydans in September 1935 in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.
Take a look at this fascinating series of photos taken by Carl Mydans in September 1935 in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. These images show a very different side of Georgetown from what we're used to today, with children playing on the street and cars parked on the side of the road.
Exploring Washington's Center Market in 1921
Take a look back in time and explore Washington's Center Market in 1921. Located on Constitution Avenue between 7th and 9th until 1931. | Ghostsofdc
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An Incredible Look Back: A Photo of the JCC at 16th and Q from When It Opened in 1926
Take a look back in time with this incredible photo from 1926. It shows the Jewish Community Center (JCC) at 16th and Q shortly after it opened.
A Look Back at the History of 910 15th St. NW in McPherson Square
Take a look back at the history of 910 15th St. NW in McPherson Square! Learn about the evolution of this DC landmark and how it's been transformed into the Camden Parc Apartments.
Tracing the Construction of the Arts and Industries Building on the Mall in Washington, DC
Take a journey through time and explore the construction of the Arts and Industries Building on the Mall in Washington, DC. From the 1879 photo to the 1878 rendering to the finished product, see it all!
Whitehurst Freeway / Rock Creek & Potomac Parkway, Washington, District of Columbia, DC
The Whitehurst Freeway: Diverting Traffic Around Georgetown Since 1949
The Whitehurst Freeway has been diverting traffic around Georgetown since 1949. Learn more about the history of this elevated expressway, its role in the city's infrastructure, and the battles over freeways in the late 1960s.
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Eaton School children in the 1910s
Exploring the History of D.C. Public Elementary Schools: Janney, Gibbs, Eaton and Watkins
Learn about the history of D.C. public elementary schools Janney, Gibbs, Eaton and Watkins. We explore the background behind their names and the people they were named for.
The Washington Directory - 1822
Exploring the Washington Directory from 1822: James Monroe and Other Regular People Living in the City
Take a look at the Washington Directory from 1822 and explore the regular people living in the city, including our fifth president, James Monroe. See the page that's really interesting!
Help GoDCers, When Do You Think This Image of the Lincoln Memorial Was Taken?
GoDCers, we need your help! Can you guess when this image of the Lincoln Memorial was taken? Share your thoughts and help us out!
Washington, D.C., circa 1911. "Georgetown basketball." Our second look at the Georgetown Preparatory School JV squad. Harris & Ewing.
Check Out These Great Old Team Photos of Georgetown Prep's JV Basketball Team From 1911
Check out these amazing old team photos of Georgetown Prep's JV basketball team from 1911. Amazing uniforms! See the current team photo too.

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