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More 1964 Photos of The Beatles in Washington, D.C.
Amazing photos of the Beatles in Washington, DC. Their first live concert in the US was at Uline Arena in 1964.
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Hains Point: How Did It Get Its Name?
Hains point is named for Peter Conover Hains, a prominent Major General in the U.S. Army and served in the Civil War, Spanish-American War and World War I.
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Stay at the Cairo Hotel For $2 a Night
This great series of advertisements from the papers shows the Cairo Hotel back in the result 1900s. How about a room for $45 a month?
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Claude Grahame-White's Daring Landing at the White House in 1910
Witness the incredible feat of aviation pioneer Claude Grahame-White as he lands his biplane on West Executive Avenue next to the White House in 1910. Read the amazing story and see the photos here!
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Exploring a 1923 Chevy Chase Home Through Real Estate Advertisements and Google Street View
Take a trip back in time and explore a 1923 Chevy Chase home through real estate advertisements and Google Street View. See what the home looked like nearly a century ago!
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Proposed Southside Freeway in Arlington: What Could Have Been
This post explores the proposed Southside Freeway in Arlington which never came to be. Learn about the 1960 proposal, the public opinion, and why the highway never came to fruition in this post.
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A Fascinating Look at Alexandria, Virginia from the Air in 1919
This incredible old photograph shows Alexandria, Virginia as seen from the air in 1919. Click on the image to see some amazing details. Source: Library of Congress.
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The Washington Monument in 1933: A Spectacularly Illuminated Photograph
View a spectacularly illuminated photograph of the Washington Monument in 1933. Click the photo for some great details on the Nation's Capital during this time!
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A Rare Photo of the Pentagon From Above
Get a birds-eye view of the Pentagon from the 1940s with this rare photo. Enjoy a glimpse of a bit of history and the War Department with this aerial shot captured by Theodor Horydczak.
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Aerial Views of the Washington Navy Yard Before, During, and After President Kennedy's Assassination
Take a look at the Washington Navy Yard before, during, and after President Kennedy's assassination with these aerial views from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.
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Unearthing a 1909 Map of the Palisades During a Birthday Celebration
Mrs. Ghost, Ghost Baby and I spent a nice Saturday afternoon celebrating a birthday at a lovely home in the Palisades. We found an old 1909 map of the area. Check out the results and the source of the map in our blog post!
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Why Is It Named Maryland?
What's the origin of Maryland's name? And, what was the early pyramid scheme used to attract residents to the new colony? The answers may surprise you.
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Old Photos of Dulles Airport Under Construction
This series of great images shows Washington's Dulles International Airport while it was being constructed.
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Discovering a Rare Photo of Walter Johnson and Gabby Street at the Detroit Public Library
Discover a rare photo of Walter Johnson and Gabby Street at the Detroit Public Library. Read the story behind it and listen to a 1939 radio broadcast of Walter Johnson calling a game. Source: Detroit Public Library.
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The Voice of the Washington Senators: A Conversation with Phil Hochberg
Join us for a conversation with Phil Hochberg, the voice of the Washington Senators and Terps. Learn about Phil's Syracuse University days with Marv Albert and Ted Koppel and his amazing attachment to the historic fabric of Washington.
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Exploring a Rare Photograph of the Washington Monument and Cherry Blossoms
Discover a rare photograph of the Washington Monument and cherry blossoms taken in the 1940s or 1950s. We dug this photo up in the Smithsonian Archives. Explore this beautiful picture!
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