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What was Washington, D.C. like in the 1910s? Take a look at our great posts with stories, people, photos, and history about the District from the twenties.

Cook & Stoddard Company: Cadillac's Glory Days in Downtown Washington
Learn the history of luxury automaker Cadillac's first major dealer showroom in downtown Washington DC. The Cook & Stoddard Company location on Connecticut Avenue was the go-to destination for politician bigwigs, businessmen, and auto enthusiasts to experience new Cadillac models in their prime from 1912 to the late 1920s.
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Severine G. Leoffler: The Man Who Fed 1919 D.C. with His Iconic Liberty Lunches
Step back in time with this captivating 1919 photo of Leoffler's Liberty Lunch stand in Washington, D.C., where just 20 cents could buy government workers a box lunch filled with surprises. Discover the story of Severine G. Leoffler's entrepreneurial spirit in the early days of street food.
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The Tragic History of a Potentially Haunted Home in Adams Morgan
A peek into the tragic history of a purportedly haunted home in Adams Morgan: could the tormented spirits of the Walter family, who suffered immense loss and grief, still be lingering within its walls?
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The Whitelaw Hotel: Excellence in Segregated Washington
Washington D.C.’s historic Whitelaw Hotel hosted jazz legends Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway during the segregation era when it opened in 1919 as a luxurious refuge for black travelers. Built by black visionaries like John W. Lewis and Isaiah T. Hatton, the Whitelaw's storied rise, fall, and rebirth embodies the struggles and achievements of African Americans in the capital.
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Do You Remember Peoples Drug? A Nostalgic Look Back at a Regional Pharmacy Icon
So do you have fond memories of Peoples Drug stores? Did you have a regular Peoples Drug you visited? Share your recollections of this classic pharmacy chain that served so many communities over its long lifetime. It may be gone, but Peoples Drug remains a nostalgic part of history for many.
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Incredible Aerial View of Washington, D.C. in 1918
Check out this incredible aerial view of Washington, D.C. from 1918. Click on the image for a larger version to see some amazing details!
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Uncovering the Historical Significance Behind This Captivating Photo from the Early 20th Century
In this captivating photo from the early 20th century, a group of men and one woman are intently watching an aerial display. Learn the story behind this snapshot and the historical context surrounding it, captured by renowned photographers Harris & Ewing.
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Exploring the Lives of Young Boys Working at the Alexandria Glass Company in the 1910s
Explore the lives of young boys working at the Alexandria Glass Company in the 1910s through a series of photographs taken by Lewis Hine. Learn more about one of the boys through a fascinating history page.
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Electric Lights and the New Era of Progress: Remembering President Woodrow Wilson's Inauguration
Explore the historic use of electric lights during President Woodrow Wilson's 1913 inauguration and what it symbolized for American progress and modernity. Learn how this momentous event marked a new era of hope and optimism, as well as the challenges that lay ahead for the country and the world.
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What Could Have Been: Howard University's Proposed Extension of Vermont Ave. in 1919
Take a look at what could have been! Howard University proposed extending Vermont Ave. from Florida Ave. to Georgia Ave. back in 1919. See the maps, read the letter of rejection, and check out the intersection today on Google Maps.
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