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Posted In 1910s

Old Dutch Market at Dupont Circle
The Old Dutch Market at Dupont Circle is now occupied by CVS. It was a thriving business in DC through the 1920s. See their launch ad and learn more about what happened to them.
Pauline Floyd in 1922 (Shorpy)
Pauline Floyd: Youngest Woman to Practice Before the Supreme Court
Pauline Floyd was a pioneer and an excellent role model for women pursing a career in law. She was the youngest female lawyer admitted to practice before the Supreme Court.
When Did the Howard Theatre Open?
The Apollo in New York, the Pearl in Philadelphia, the Uptown in Baltimore, and the Howard Theatre in Washington were the preeminent African-American venues for stars like Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, and the big bands of the 1930s to rock and roll and the Motown sound.
Cairo Flats circa 1890
Stay at the Cairo Hotel For $2 a Night
This great series of advertisements from the papers shows the Cairo Hotel back in the result 1900s. How about a room for $45 a month?
Claude Grahame-White's Daring Landing at the White House in 1910
Witness the incredible feat of aviation pioneer Claude Grahame-White as he lands his biplane on West Executive Avenue next to the White House in 1910. Read the amazing story and see the photos here!
Exploring Sixteenth Street Heights: An Old Map and a Look at the Present
Take a look at an old map of Sixteenth Street Heights and explore the area today. See the notable buildings like the old French Embassy, The White House, and Henderson Castle. Plus, learn why it's called Sixteenth Street Heights and why there's also 14th Street Heights.
The Last New Year's Eve Before Prohibition: December 31st, 1919
It's hard to believe that 2020 is nearly upon us, but it's also hard to imagine what it must have been like on December 31st, 1919 - the last New Year's Eve before Prohibition was enforced. Take a look at this mildly amusing cartoon from The Washington Times.
1915 Map of Racially Segregated D.C. Schools
This 1915 map shows the segregated schools of Washington. Integration wouldn't begin until 1954.
World War I - doughboys
World War I "Bombing" on Wisconsin Ave.
Many don't know the extent of chemical warfare experiment that were conducted on and near the university grounds during the Great War.
Camp Leach 1918
The Forgotten History of Camp Leach – America’s First Military Chemical Weapons Facility
Discover the forgotten history of Camp Leach, America's first military chemical weapons facility located on the grounds of today's American University in upper northwest D.C. Nearly 100,000 employees worked here during World War I. Find out more about this historic site.

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