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Howard University Proposes Extending Vermont Avenue in 1919

Vermont Avenue was almost extended all the way to Georgia Avenue near Howard University. See the map of the proposed extension.
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Check this out. Here’s a map of something that didn’t happen. Howard University proposed extending Vermont Ave. from Florida Ave. to Georgia Ave. back in 1919. This is right near where the 9:30 Club sits (this is a great post about three shows there).

1919 proposal to extend Vermont Ave.
1919 proposal to extend Vermont Ave.

Source: Library of Congress

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This was something desired by the university’s trustees, but ultimately the proposal denied by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia in 1922. Here is another map of the extension accompanied by the letter of rejection from Cuno Randolph, the president of the Board of Commissioners.

Map of proposed extension of Vermont Avenue N.W. between Florida and Georgia avenues, Washington D.C. : as desired by the Trustees of Howard University

Source: Library of Congress

Here’s that same intersection today on Google Maps.

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