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Exploring the Past: An 1892 Map of the Rural Area Around Tenley and a 1904 Book About Columbia Heights
Take a journey back in time with us as we explore the past with an 1892 map of the rural area around Tenley and a 1904 book about Columbia Heights. Learn more about the history of the area!
This is Pretty Cool: Check Out Google Street View and the Early 1920s
Take a look at this cool spot on Google Street View and then check out what it looked like back in the early 1920s. See the photos and explore the history of this place!
Georgia Ave. street sign
The Political Pressure behind Renaming Georgia Avenue in DC
Discover the political pressures behind the renaming of Georgia Avenue in Washington, DC. From Senator Augustus Octavius Bacon to Senator John Coit Spooner, learn about the grand plan of L'Enfant and the objections of the local communities.
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A Glimpse Into the Past: Park View in 1924, Captured Just Before Thanksgiving
Take a step back in time to Park View in 1924, captured just before Thanksgiving. See the man searching for the perfect bird for the family feast in this National Photo Company Collection glass negative.

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