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Map of a Rural Columbia Heights
What a cool map. We posted one last week showing the area around Tenleytown as it looked on an 1892 map. The area covered in the map includes today’s Columbia Heights, Park View, and a little Mt. Pleasant. Topographic map showing lot lines, buildings, and woods.Covers District of Columbia outside former Washington city limits (Florida Avenue). Source: Library of Congress Also, check out...
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Check Out this Cool Google Street View and See How it Looked Back in the 1920s
Check out this cool view from Google Street View and see how it looked back in the 1920s. See the comparison with an image from the Library of Congress. Don't miss it!
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The Political Pressure behind Renaming Georgia Avenue in DC
Discover the political pressures behind the renaming of Georgia Avenue in Washington, DC. From Senator Augustus Octavius Bacon to Senator John Coit Spooner, learn about the grand plan of L'Enfant and the objections of the local communities.
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A Glimpse Into the Past: Park View in 1924, Captured Just Before Thanksgiving
Take a step back in time to Park View in 1924, captured just before Thanksgiving. See the man searching for the perfect bird for the family feast in this National Photo Company Collection glass negative.
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