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Map of a Rural Columbia Heights

What a cool map. We posted one last week showing the area around Tenleytown as it looked on an 1892 map. The area covered in the map includes today’s Columbia Heights, Park View, and a little Mt. Pleasant. Source: Library of Congress Also, check out this cool 1904 book entitled A statement of some of […]

Georgia Ave. street sign

Why Is It Named Georgia Avenue?

Okay, it’s not a huge mystery why some of our major streets are named after states in the Union. This was part of the grand plan of L’Enfant, to have grand boulevards at diagonals, all across our city. What you probably didn’t know is that the location of some of these avenues have changes over […]

Thanksgiving in Park View (1924)

Here’s a photo we dug up on Shorpy. This is Park View in 1924, just before Thanksgiving. The man appears to be looking for the perfect bird for the family feast.

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