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Lower Prince St. Alexandria, Virginia
Exploring Alexandria, Virginia Through Vintage Photos From September 23rd, 1940
Take a look back in time and explore Alexandria, Virginia through vintage photos taken on September 23rd, 1940. Enjoy a glimpse of the past captured through Charles W. Cushman's Photograph Collection.
Alexandria real estate advertisement (1920)
Can You Find These Homes Today? I Did Some Sleuthing and This is What I Found
Can you find the homes shown in this 1920 Alexandria real estate advertisement? I did some sleuthing and this is what I found. Take a look at the Google Street View and see what you think! Plus, a super random historical context about George Gipp.
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Exploring the Lives of Young Boys Working at the Alexandria Glass Company in the 1910s
Explore the lives of young boys working at the Alexandria Glass Company in the 1910s through a series of photographs taken by Lewis Hine. Learn more about one of the boys through a fascinating history page.
Negro laborers at Alexandria, near coal wharf
Uncovering the Faces of Regular African-Americans in the 1860s with a Photo from the National Archives
Uncovering the faces of regular African-Americans in the 1860s, this beautiful old photo from the National Archives captures the lives and work of those living around Alexandria. Learn more about these individuals and check out photos of young boys working in the area.
Lord Fairfax House
Exploring the Lord Fairfax House in Alexandria, Virginia
Take a virtual tour of the Lord Fairfax House in Alexandria, VA. Learn about the Baron of Cameron and see the Google Street View today.
Uncovering the Sad Truth: Slave Pens Were Everywhere in Washington in the 1860s
Uncovering the sad truth of the past, Slave Pens existed in and around all of Washington in the 1860s. This photo shows one of those in Alexandria during the 1860s. Learn more at the Library of Congress.
Alexandria, Va. Steam frigate Pensacola. Photographs of the Federal Navy, and seaborne expeditions against the Atlantic Coast of the Confederacy -- the Federal Navy, 1861-1865.
Incredible Civil War Photos of Alexandria, VA: The Steam Frigate Pensacola in 1861
Take a look at these incredible Civil War photos of Alexandria, VA from 1861. See the steam frigate Pensacola in all its glory and click on it for some amazing details. Source: Library of Congress.
Alexandria, VA as seen from the air in 1919
A Fascinating Look at Alexandria, Virginia from the Air in 1919
This incredible old photograph shows Alexandria, Virginia as seen from the air in 1919. Click on the image to see some amazing details. Source: Library of Congress.
Aerial view of Alexandria, Virgina taken in the 1980s.
Take a Trip Down Memory Lane and See Alexandria in the 1980s
Take a trip down memory lane and see Alexandria, Virginia in the 1980s with this aerial view from the Library of Congress. See if you can recognize parts of the city!
Gorgeous Photos of the Alexandria Railroad Roundhouse During the Civil War
Take a look back in time with these beautiful photographs of the Alexandria Railroad Roundhouse during the Civil War. Click on the images for a larger, more detailed version. You won't be disappointed!

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