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1930 assessment map of Alexandria
Exploring Alexandria and Arlington County Through an Assessment Map
Discover what Alexandria and Arlington County looked like in 1930 with this assessment map. Get a closer look at the area's buildings and geography in this detailed map!
1749 map of Alexandria
Unbelievable Discovery – George Washington's 1749 Map of Alexandria
Discover an incredible map of Alexandria drawn by George Washington in 1749. Unbelievable discovery from the Library of Congress website.
The Marshall House in Alexandria during the Civil War
The Marshall House in Alexandria: Where the First Union Officer Was Killed During the Civil War
Explore the Marshall House in Alexandria, Virginia, where the first Union officer was killed during the Civil War. Learn the story of Elmer Ellsworth and the Confederate flag, and see the incredible stereographic image of the Marshall House from the Library of Congress.
Wise-Hooe-Lloyd House, 220 North Washington Street
Take a Look at The Wise-Hooe-Lloyd House, 220 North Washington Street in Alexandria, VA
Take a look at the Wise-Hooe-Lloyd House in Alexandria, VA. This house has remained unchanged since the 1930s. Take a look at the house today with Google Maps.
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Explore Historic Christ Church in Alexandria: A Ghost of DC Photograph
Discover Historic Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia. Take a virtual tour and learn about the church's history with a Ghost of DC photograph. Visit GoDC for more.
Shark Attacks in the Potomac in 1911?
In the early 20th century there was a somewhat corroborated rumor of shark attacks in the Potomac River. Read the unbelievable story.
Anacostia High School Indians baseball team in 1939 (Library of Congress)
The 1939 Anacostia High School Indians: Underdogs in the D.C. Public High School Baseball League
The 1939 Anacostia High School Indians were a brand new team in the D.C. public high school baseball league. Despite being an underdog, they had a strong season and even made it to first place. Read the story of their season here!
Georgetown view in 1801
John Adams Makes Washington, D.C. Official Capital
Why is Washington, DC the capital? John Adams rode from Philadelphia to DC over an entire week. Read the story of his full journey.
Miss Elizabeth Ramey (1924)
Miss Elizabeth Ramey: A Color Photo From 1924
Take a look at this amazing color photo of Miss Elizabeth Ramey from 1924. She was a GWU graduate and a teacher in Alexandria, Virginia, and the proud owner of a Model T Ford. Courtesy of Shorpy.com!
Arlington House (Library of Congress)
The Origin of Arlington's Name: From Earl to Lee's Estate
What is the origin of Arlington County's name? The story dates back to an old plantation near today's National Airport.

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