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Miss Elizabeth Ramey (1924)

Local Alexandria Teacher Buys a Ford

Miss Elizabeth Ramey (1924)
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Miss Elizabeth Ramey (1924)
Miss Elizabeth Ramey (1924)

I rarely need to augment these colorized photos with words. It’s almost spooky to look at a color photo from almost 90 years ago. All the previous ones have been amazing and this one is right up there.

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Elizabeth Ramey was a GWU graduate and was a teacher in Alexandria, Virginia back in 1924. She was born in 1896, so at the time of this photo, she was 28 years old. She was quite the modern woman, because she was also the proud owner of a Model T Ford.

Miss Ramey in her Model T (1924)
Miss Ramey in her Model T (1924)

You probably could have guessed this, but both photos were courtesy of my favorite site … Shorpy.

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