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A stereograph image showcasing the inauguration ceremony of Rutherford B. Hayes, marking the beginning of his presidency in the United States.
Blood on the Marble: The Taulbee-Kincaid Capitol Shooting
Dive into the gripping story of the 1890 Capitol feud: Congressman Taulbee's scandalous fall and his deadly confrontation with journalist Kincaid, culminating in a tragic shooting that echoes through the halls of history.
1890s stroll through Rock Creek Park
Amazing 1890 Photo Showing Carriages in Rock Creek
Take a trip back in time with this amazing photo from 1890. It shows a group of people riding their horse and buggies through Rock Creek Park. See if you can recognize the area!
View east on Pennsylvania Ave. in front of the Department of Treasury
A Glimpse Into the Past: Viewing Pennsylvania Avenue in Front of the Treasury Building
Take a step back in time and discover a glimpse into the past with this amazing photo of Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the Treasury Building. Discover more at the Historical Society of D.C. website.
Exploring Southwest D.C. in 1899 and Now: The Aftermath of the 1899 Blizzard
Explore Southwest D.C. in 1899 and now! See a photo of the aftermath of the 1899 blizzard, and the same view today. See what the area looked like after the blizzard and how it looks now.
What's a Herdic Cab? What Did They Look Like?
A herdic cab is a type of horse-drawn carriage, used as an omnibus, invented by Peter Herdic of Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania in 1881.
Exploring an 1894 Map of Tennallytown and Reno
Take a look at this fascinating 1894 map of Tennallytown and Reno, done by G.M. Hopkins & Co. We'll point out a few things of note and invite you to share what else you notice. Happy Friday!
1898 Washington, DC
A Look at Washington, DC in 1898 Through a Historic Rand McNally Map
Take a look back in time to 1898 with this historic Rand McNally map of Washington, DC. Get a glimpse of the city as it was over 100 years ago.
Rare 1890s Photo of Old Executive Office Building
This extremely rare image of the State, War, and Navy Building is from the 1890s.
1890s streetcar in DC
Step Back in Time: Take a Look at What a D.C. Streetcar Looked Like Over 100 Years Ago
Take a trip back in time and see what a D.C. streetcar looked like well over 100 years ago. Click on the image for more details and soak up the nostalgia.
Grover Cleveland's last cabinet - Front row, left to right: Daniel S. Lamont, Richard Olney, Cleveland,John G. Carlisle, Judson Harmon Back row, left to right: David R. Francis, William L. Wilson, Hilary A. Herbert, Julius S
Mapping the Second Cabinet of Grover Cleveland and His Fascinating Directory from the 53rd Congress
Discover the fascinating directory from the 53rd Congress, which features Grover Cleveland's second cabinet. We mapped their homes on Google Map. Learn more about the President's cabinet and why it's named Cleveland Park.

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