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Exploring an 1894 Map of Tennallytown and Reno

Check out this fascinating 1894 map of the area now known as Tenallytown and Reno! We’ll point out a few things of note, like Mrs. Magruder’s home and Fort Reno. See what else you can find and share your discoveries!

1890s streetcar in DC

Take a Look Inside a DC Streetcar from the 1890s

Take a look inside a DC streetcar from the 1890s with this amazing image from the Library of Congress. Click to view the full image and learn more about this historic form of transportation.

Potomac River in 1898

A Rare Photo of the Potomac River from 1898

Take a look at this stunning photo of the Potomac River from 1898. Learn more about this rare photo from the Library of Congress and read comments from the GhostsofDC community.

Naked wild man

The Mysterious Wild Man of Tenleytown in 1894

Read about the mysterious wild man of Tenleytown in 1894. Descriptions of the individual were lacking, but sightings of a half-nude crazy man were happening across the area. Find out what happened when the wild man walked into the police station!

Oak View - home of President Cleveland - Oct. 3, 1897

Why Is It Named Cleveland Park?

What is today Cleveland Park was an area for well-off Washingtonians to build their summer cottages. It was far enough away from swampy hot downtown and elevated to provide some breezy relief.

View of house at 800 16th Street NW once occupied by Secretary of State John Hay (1898-1905).

Before the Hay-Adams Hotel

This is what stood on the corner of 16th and H St. before the iconic Hay-Adams Hotel. this was the home of former Secretary of State John Hay, who was also a private secretary and assistant to Abraham Lincoln (check out this amazing colorized photo of him). Source: Dig DC Here is another great photo, […]

Georgetown students in 1895

Photo of Georgetown College Students in 1895

How things stay the same. Check out the faces and expressions of these young men. These guys aren’t that different from these guys about 40 years later. Source: Georgetown University I wonder if the guy at right, pointing to the other dude, knew this sassy lady (near the bottom) from Eastern High School.

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