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Posted In 1890s

At the bar at Warwick's Cafe, 13th St., NW near Pennsylvania Ave., 1894
Exploring the Lost History of Warwick's Saloon at 13th and Penn
Join us as we explore the lost history of Warwick's Saloon, formerly located at 13th and Penn in Washington, DC. We'll take a look at the bar, the billiard room, and the interesting story of a Secret Service raid.
Baist map of D.C
Washington DC Street Names Unveiled: From States to Letters and Numbers
Wonder what Washington DC diagonal roads are named after? Here's the history of DC's street names including states, letters, and numbers.
1860s photo of a hackman and his hackney (in London)
Uncovering the Fascinating History of Washington's Hackmen: Pre-dating Uber Drivers by 160 Years
A fascinating look at the history of Washington's hackmen, who provided transportation to locals and visitors alike, pre-dating Uber drivers by about 160 years. Read on for old stories about the hackmen of the city, the growth of the business and the need for regulation and licensing.
Washington Post - April 29th, 1895
Exploring the Lost Neighborhood of Herring Hill in Georgetown, DC
Take a journey through the lost neighborhood of Herring Hill in Georgetown, DC. Learn about its history, including an interesting story from 1895, and explore the area with a Google Map!
Potomac River in 1898
A Rare Photo of the Potomac River from 1898
Take a look at this stunning photo of the Potomac River from 1898. Learn more about this rare photo from the Library of Congress and read comments from the GhostsofDC community.
Inside of lodging house and opium den in San Francisco, 1890s (Wikipedia)
Uncovering the Opium Den Scene in Washington DC in 1894
Discover the shocking reality of opium dens in Washington DC in 1894, as uncovered by The Washington Post. Learn more about the notorious 'Gypsy Joe' and 'Matinee Charley' who frequented the dens.
Naked wild man
The Mysterious Wild Man of Tenleytown in 1894
Read about the mysterious wild man of Tenleytown in 1894. Descriptions of the individual were lacking, but sightings of a half-nude crazy man were happening across the area. Find out what happened when the wild man walked into the police station!
Oak View - home of President Cleveland - Oct. 3, 1897
Why Is It Named Cleveland Park?
What is today Cleveland Park was an area for well-off Washingtonians to build their summer cottages. It was far enough away from swampy hot downtown and elevated to provide some breezy relief.
Coldest Day Ever in Washington, DC at -15 Degrees Fahrenheit
The coldest day ever in Washington was in 1899. On February 11th, it was recorded to be -15 degrees fahrenheit.
View of house at 800 16th Street NW once occupied by Secretary of State John Hay (1898-1905).
Exploring the History of the Iconic Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington DC
Take a look into the history of the iconic Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington DC. Learn about the home of former Secretary of State John Hay and view rare photos from 1888 and 1898.

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