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Exploring an 1894 Map of Tennallytown and Reno

Take a look at this fascinating 1894 map of Tennallytown and Reno, done by G.M. Hopkins & Co. We'll point out a few things of note and invite you to share what else you notice. Happy Friday!
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This map is so fascinating, showing Tennallytown (i.e., Tenleytown today) and Reno (long-since razed). It was done by G.M. Hopkins & Co. in 1894.

Make sure you click on it for a larger version to examine the details. I’ll point out a few things of note.

There’s a home diagonally positioned at 39th and Yuma listed as Mrs. Magruder’s, which still stands today. I believe it’s the oldest home in the area and is named “The Rest.” Today’s Fort Reno had a free-black community after the Civil War up until the area was condemned by the federal government to build Alice Deal Middle School and Woodrow Wilson High School. Two state streets — Wyoming and Arkansas — were planned for the area, between today’s Massachusetts and Wisconsin. Wyoming ended up near Adams Morgan instead and Arkansas to the east of Rock Creek Park.

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1894 map of Tennallytown and Reno
1894 map of Tennallytown and Reno

After checking it out, share what else you notice in the map. Happy Friday to you!

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