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1890s stroll through Rock Creek Park
Amazing 1890 Photo Showing Carriages in Rock Creek
Take a trip back in time with this amazing photo from 1890. It shows a group of people riding their horse and buggies through Rock Creek Park. See if you can recognize the area!
Lost By The President, All-Gold Ring in Rock Creek
Teddy Roosevelt went for a pleasant walk in Rock Creek and unfortunately lost his wedding ring in the process. This is a great ad in the newspaper asking for its return.
View of south and west elevations of Peirce Mill, to the left of Tilden Street NW as it rises to cross Rock Creek.
A Thanksgiving Look Back: Photos of Peirce Mill and Spring House in Rock Creek Park, DC Taken in 1910
This Thanksgiving, take a look back at historical photos of Peirce Mill and the Rock Creek Park spring house in 1910. Amazingly, the structures look almost exactly the same today!
View of a group of hikers walking alongside Rock Creek to the left and an embankment that leads up to the right upon which can be seen a row of buildings. Location is to the west and downhill from the 2800 block of Adams Mill Road NW.
Exploring the National Zoo's Historical Entrance at Rock Creek Park
Take a journey through history with us and explore the historical entrance to the National Zoo in Rock Creek Park. Learn more about the area and its past with us today.
Three men with bicycles on bridge near Pierce Mill, Washington, D.C.
Exploring the Past: A Look at a Photo from the 1880s-1910s
Take a look back in time with this amazing photo from the 1880s-1910s. We can't quite tell the direction of this shot, but we think it's looking east toward Mt. Pleasant. Source: Library of Congress.
1907 view of K St. bridge
A Glimpse of K St. Over Rock Creek Park in 1907
Take a look at this 1907 view of K St. bridge over Rock Creek Park. See the bucolic and rural atmosphere from this incredible photo from Library of Congress.
Baltimore Sun - November 12th, 1845
For Sale: 460 Acres of Land on Rock Creek
How about the 460 acres of land for sale along Rock Creek? This is the part of the park up near the Maryland border.
Take a Look Back in Time: An Oldsmobile Crossing Boulder Bridge on Beach Drive in 1920
Go back in time to 1920 and take a look at this incredible high resolution photo of an Oldsmobile crossing Boulder Bridge on Beach Drive. Check it out now!
Metro's Taft Bridge plan- color, November 1966
Never Built: Metro's Bridge Over Rock Creek
In these 1966 drawings, train cars roll under Connecticut Avenue, but above Rock Creek. These amazing early Metro plans never came to fruition. They depict the Red Line between Dupont Circle and Woodley Park.
diagram of proposed park of 2,500 acres
Proposal for Rock Creek Park in Washington DC, 1886
In 1886, a proposal for Rock Creek Park in Washington DC was made. Read and explore the idea, its history and how the land was eventually used for something more important than a park: Arlington National Cemetery.

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