1966 Op-Ed by Congressman Donald Rumsfeld

Some of you may not know or remember that Donald Rumsfeld was once a Congressman from Illinois, representing the 13th district. He was elected in 1962 and served from 1963 until 1969, and then went on to do a few other small things in government.

Congressman Donald Rumsfeld in 1969
Congressman Donald Rumsfeld in 1969

Below is an old opinion piece that we came across in The Washington Post from May 1st, 1966.

I heartily subscribe to the views expressed in your editorial of April 23, “Camouflaged Patronage.” On March 10, I introduced a bill (H.R. 13586) to remove the appointment of local postmasters from political interference.

The Civil Service Commission was established to prevent deterioration of Government services by eliminating the appointment of unqualified or inadequately prepared personnel. The quality of postal service is, in many cased being harmed by this same type of political appointment. I object to that time-honored institution, the politically appointed postmaster. Rapid and reliable postal service is a necessity, not a luxury. The Post Office Department should be run on a business-like basis. This will be achieved only if the Congress takes politics out of the Post Office Department.

Representative from Illinois.