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custom house in Alexandria
Uncovering a Piece of History: The Alexandria Custom House in 1918
Explore a piece of history with this old photo of the Alexandria Custom House in 1918. Discover the past with Ghosts of DC.
View of Alexandria, Va., showing new engine house in which sixty engines can be stored in working order
Discovering a Detailed Landscape of Alexandria in 1864
We dug up a great old photo of Alexandria from 1864 and found another gem at the Library of Congress. What do you recognize in this photo?
General view of the city of Alexandria, Va., April 15, 1864
Can You Recognize Anything in This Amazing Civil War Photograph?
Take a closer look at this amazing Civil War photograph from April 15, 1864, exactly one year before Lincoln was assassinated. Can you recognize anything? Take a look!
beautiful colonial estate in Alexandria - 102 S. Royal St.
A Look Back at the Estate at 107 South Royal St. in Alexandria
Take a look back at this beautiful estate located at 107 South Royal St. in Alexandria, Virginia, as it was in June 28th, 1913. See what it looks like today and help us locate this house if it still exists.
Photograph shows cargo ships at the wharf in Alexandria, Virginia from Pioneer Mill, which was six stories high.
Incredible View of Alexandria Wharf in 1865
What did Alexandria, Virginia look like in 1865? This photo shows the Alexandria wharf in May, 1865.
Photograph shows the president's rail car at the Alexandria station. Photograph probably taken in Jan. The car was later used as Lincoln's funeral car.
The President's Official Railroad Car in 1865: Four Months Later, It Was Used as Lincoln's Funeral Car
Discover the story behind the President's official railroad car in 1865 and why it was used four months later as Abraham Lincoln's funeral car.
Photograph shows soldiers inside prison area where slaves were held.
The Power of a Stereographic Card: Exploring a Civil War Alexandria Slave Pen
Get a glimpse of history with this powerful stereographic card taken during the Civil War at an Alexandria slave pen. Explore the emotional image and learn more about this significant era.
Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 12.34
96 Year Anniversary of the Alexandria Gazette & Reintroduction of Portner's Beer
96 years ago yesterday, the Alexandria Gazette ran an ad for Portner's Beer. The descendants of Robert Portner are now reviving the brand as a brewhouse in Alexandria. Support the local beer scene and help Catherine and Margaret Portner with their Indiegogo campaign!
A Stunning Bird's Eye View of Alexandria, VA in 1863
Take a glimpse at a stunning bird's eye view of Alexandria, VA from 1863, courtesy of the Library of Congress. It's a beautiful sight to behold!
1912 map of Alexandria waterfront
An Amazing Comparison: The Alexandria Waterfront in 1912 vs Today
Take a look at the amazing transformation of Alexandria's waterfront from 1912 to today! Dive into the past by comparing a 1912 Sanborn fire map to a modern Google Maps view.

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